The importance of brand protection

The importance of brand protection

Those who want to start an LLC should also take time to build and protect their brands. When building a brand, it is important to construct it in a way that also contributes to building intellectual property assets.

Anne H. Chasser and Jennifer C. Wolfe discuss brand protection in their book Brand Rewired, and sat down with Bloomberg Businessweek to highlight the main points.

Upon examining companies that have created iconic brands such as Procter & Gamble and Post It, the authors noticed that these companies are built on the long-term impact of creating something distinct about their brands. For example, Post It has protected the distinct color of yellow it uses for its paper.

When entrepreneurs start a corporation, it is encouraging to remember that the major organizations of today were once startups as well.

The authors encourage business owners to evaluate what aspects of their brand could be licensed, franchised and used to build revenue. They also don’t want entrepreneurs who are forming a company to let branding and intellectual property rights to become afterthoughts.

To ensure that a brand is stable care should be taken to establish a brand that is consistent and authentic. Small Business Branding writer Ed Roach finds that those two elements are key.