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Local search makes a huge difference to your online visibility, helping you get on the map and attract customers from your community. One of the best ways to get found is through a “Google My Business” profile. Incfile makes it super easy to get registered with Google My Business — we’ll create your profile and register it with Google for free when you form a business with us.

Almost half of all searches on Google are looking for local information

We’re confident our free service will help you get noticed and grow your business.

The Benefits of Google My Business

When you’re an Incfile customer, we can help you boost your local search presence to attract more customers. Getting your business registered with Google gives you some significant advantages over your competitors:

Show up on Google Maps searches so people can locate you and get directions to your business.

Appear as an option on Google Maps when people search for your type of business.

Get listed in “Local Pack” information in organic results to drive customers your way.

Add your opening hours, logo, photos, updates and other information about your business.

Build a more reputable brand by having your location listed on Google and collecting user reviews.

Point customers to your website for more information or to sell online.

Gain insight into your customers and discover where they’re coming from through Google Analytics and a monthly email from Incfile.

Rank higher in search results by supplying high-quality, timely, consistent information.

Add interactions to your profile so people can contact you directly and engage with your business.

Stand out from competitors that don’t have a Google My Business profile.

How Incfile Verifies Your Google My Business Profile

Registering a Google My Business profile yourself can be a long and difficult process — you sign up for Google, gather and fill out lots of information, get a verification postcard, update your information and wait a few weeks to get listed. Unfortunately, verification postcards can get lost or thrown away, meaning your profile never gets created.

Compare that with Incfile’s fast, simple one-click verification with Google. Here’s how it works:


You create a business through Incfile with our formation service.


We ensure your filing is completed by the Secretary of State.


You request and receive an Employer Identification Number (EIN) when you create your business. This is included in our Gold and Platinum formation services.


You log into your Incfile dashboard and verify your business.


We gather any necessary information from you and set up your Google My Business profile.


It’s that easy!

Once we’ve registered your profile, you can easily add more information like a description of your business, photos of your product, opening hours, interactions and much more.

We’ll also send you a monthly email that shows how customers are searching for and finding your business, how they view your business on Google and any actions they take.

There are some limitations to our service:

We can only register Google My Business profiles for genuine street addresses that customers can visit. Please be aware that our Virtual Address service is for receiving mail and is not a street address for the purpose of Google My Business listings.

We need to wait until your business is legally formed with the Secretary of State or other business formation agency — we take care of all that.

You need to order an EIN through us, as we need to make sure your business is registered with the IRS.


We can’t register Google My Business profiles for certain types of businesses.





Frequently Asked Questions About Google My Business

How can Incfile register a Google My Business profile for me?

It's simple: just form your business with us, using either our free incorporation service or one of our cost-effective paid packages. You’ll also need to use our EIN service, which tells the IRS you’re in business. Once that’s done, we ask you to verify your business in our dashboard, and then we’ll take care of everything else.

Does it cost anything to set up a Google My Business profile through Incfile?

No, we offer this service free of charge. If you form your business and order an EIN through us, there are no costs to create your profile.

Can I get a profile without forming my business or getting an EIN with Incfile?

To use Incfile's GMB service, you need to have formed your business and gotten an EIN with us. This is because of the arrangement we have with Google that allows us to expedite the verification process—we're able to verify to Google that your business exists. Alternately, you can set up a Google My Business profile on your own by following Google's longer approval process, which involves requesting a verification postcard to your business address and waiting for it to arrive. 

How do I manage a Google My Business listing?

That’s easy: just log into your Incfile dashboard and you’ll find all the information you need. You can also log in directly through Google and make changes there.

Why don’t I need to mail a postcard back to Google?

We’re a direct partner with Google, which means we can verify you in one click without the need for a postcard.

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