Branding a business

Building a brand can be a challenge for those who have recently formed an LLC. Starting a business is demanding, and it can take years to build a positive and recognizable brand image.

Branding is essential to business success. People are constantly evaluating what they will and won’t purchase or use, often coming to conclusions in mere seconds. Consider a woman who walks by a restaurant on the street. Chances are, she’ll glance at the menu – but she’ll decide whether or not she wants to eat there in just a couple of minutes. She probably won’t conduct detailed research. She’s relying on her instincts about what the restaurant’s brand tells her – how expensive the menu items are, the fonts, the graphics and the reputation, to name a few.

A business’ brand is determined by everything from its logo to the way its employees answer the phone. Branding is a round-the-clock exercise, and everything that a business owners does can have an impact on how his or her brand is perceived by potential customers. Casual? Upscale? Expensive? Discount? Friendly? Elite? These are all different brand attributes, the things that differentiate J.C. Penny from Nieman Marcus.

Business owners should be conscious of the kind of brand they want to promote, and work to ensure that everything they do is congruent with that image.

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