Why Small Business Saturday Matters

Why Small Business Saturday Matters

Did you know that according to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, small businesses make up 99% of all businesses in America?

Why Small Business Saturday Matters

Well, it is true.

However, with only 30 million small businesses, sadly, only half (50%) of them make to year five and beyond.

With so many small businesses in the country, it is no wonder that small businesses should be celebrated. They are not only the backbone of the U.S. economy, but also help to employ nearly 50% of all workers in America.

As mainstays such as Amazon.com continue to innovate and bring value to customers, small businesses have to stay on the cutting edge of technology and customer service to win and retain clients. As a small business owner, it can also be quite the challenge to keep up with the heavyweight competition.

Having a day set aside -- Small Business Saturday -- to celebrate and applaud small business owners and their ambition and commitment to work hard for their customers and their families is critically important. This day helps to remind people of what really powers the economy. It also encourages people to put their money into local shops, institutions, and restaurants and to drive awareness of the benefits of shopping locally.

Getting the Most Out of Small Business Saturday

Implement an email marketing strategy. 

Email is not dead and is likely to be around for a couple more years. It is a valuable tool that can boost the promotion of your company's sales and offers and increase brand recognition.

Don't shy away from using personalization.

People want to feel special especially when they are spending money with you. So, to stay on top of the competition, a good way to do that is to offer a customized connection with the customer. This could be with a special offer, a discount, special packaging, or a unique thank-you.

Focus on your SEO strategy.

Most shoppers are looking online for the things they want to buy. To ensure your shop or products show up in the first position in search results or at least on the first page, you will want to make sure your website is in top-notch shape. Beyond having a great website, ensure your advertisements are clear and that Google can crawl your website accordingly.

Small businesses have a lot to offer and are not going anywhere any time soon.

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