Introducing the New Incfile Business Dashboard


Introducing the New Incfile Business Dashboard

Introducing the New Incfile Business Dashboard

Business management is full of challenges and growing your business without the necessary support can make the job of CEO or founder even harder. You need tools — LOTS of business tools — to succeed. That is where our new Incfile Business Dashboard comes in — a tool we’ve built to help streamline all of your business startup needs.

After working with more than 150,000 business owners to form their businesses, we understand exactly what is needed from the start of a business, and throughout growth and evolution too. Here are some highlights of the Business Dashboard that we think you'll love:

Access all your documents. Keep all those important documents saved in one place so you can always have them handy for business meetings. No more shuffling through papers or searching through Google Docs!

completed documents in new incfile dashboards

Access business contract templates. Whether you need to craft an Operating Agreement, non-compete agreement or an employment offer letter, all your business contract templates are ready for you to customize in the Dashboard.

incfile dashboard
Stay on top of renewals.
You're required to keep your business in good standing with the state you file in, so this Compliance section is here to help. Our Registered Agent Renewal and Annual Report Renewal services can be found here, as well as any state filings you need to worry about.

state and IRS incfile dashboard

New order status. This section allows you to track your order so you can stay on top of your filing and/or document status.


Recommendations for services and partnerships. As your business grows, you'll have all the necessary documents and resources at your fingertips. Here you'll find information on business insurance, business financing, business banking, business licenses and permits, business tax consultation, business websites...even advertising your business on Google. Plus, a virtual business address option! Don’t worry — we'll continue to bring on great partners with services and resources that make it easier to run your business.

Recommendations for services and partnerships
Order new services.
Your business needs evolve as your company evolves; we understand that. Here you can file an amendment when you add a new business partner, change state information when you move and conduct a trademark name search. All of these are easy with our user-friendly resources.

new services

We hope our dashboard will be your go-to business tool as your company evolves. We don't just want to help you start your business — at Incfile, we want to help you grow your business to its fullest potential.

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