For entrepreneurs, networking and matchmaking events help in meeting the right angel investor

There are 250,000 angel investors in the U.S. with as much as $50 billion of available startup funds, and for entrepreneurs forming an LLC, matchmaking events offer the opportunity to meet.

Banks and traditional lenders are tightening credit and making it difficult for fledgling businesses to find financing, so many are turning to private investors who often provide between $150,000 and $1.5 million in initial funding, according to Inc. Magazine. But meeting these angel investors can be difficult.

“Most solo angel investors fly under the radar because they rely on other angels and experienced service providers for deal flow,” entrepreneur William Payne told the magazine.

Matchmaking events are one opportunity: They give entrepreneurs the chance to make their sales pitch to a gathering of possible investors.

Some business incubators – usually funded in part by local development organizations – offer a “business bootcamp” for entrepreneurs that provides seed funds and development assistance in return for a small share of ownership.

The U.S. Small Business Administration sometimes holds “speed dating” events to bring together entrepreneurs and investors. The events are usually sponsored by the local SBA development centers and are an inexpensive way for business owners to meet with local investors, developers and venture capitalists for a few crucial minutes.

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