Here's Your Guide to an Ecommerce Business Model

Do you remember how things were in the nineties and earlier? When you needed to buy clothes or groceries, you had to visit a physical retail store

What Makes a Business Name Bad and How to Rectify It

Did you know that Google was named BackRub and Accenture started as Arthur Andersen before they changed their names? It’s true!

Home-Based Entrepreneur Statistics To Know in 2021

One of the most popular ways to start a business is to pursue home-based business opportunities, especially online business opportunities. Whether you’re

Real Estate Investing for Dummies: Use LLCs for Each Property

Have you been watching all of those home-flipping television shows and want to give it a shot? Are you dreaming about starting a real estate investing

8 Veteran Side Business Ideas to Start Now

Before we dive deep into side business ideas for veterans, on behalf of all Americans, thank you for your service. It’s because of brave men and women

What Is the Difference Between Solopreneurship and Sole Proprietorship?

Forming a business can be a great new venture. A common question that arises when you're going at it alone, is what's the best structure to form your

Checklist for Reopening Your Food Truck Business After an Economic Uplift

The coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down, and when it comes to owning a food truck business, many have needed to park their trucks and ride

Key Factors That Help LLCs Thrive in a Digital World

Starting an LLC can feel somewhat intimidating, as there never seems to be enough time, money or energy to do everything you want. And in today's digital

Do I Have to Contact a Lawyer to Do a Trademark Search?

Whether you’re starting a business and forming an LLC, changing your existing business name or developing a new product with a clever name, knowing how

Celebrating Black History Month: Top 20 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Today

February is Black History Month, making it a great time to recognize African Americans in U.S. history and celebrate their achievements, particularly in

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