Poll Results: Biggest Challenge Small Businesses Face

Poll Results: Biggest Challenge Small Businesses Face

We frequently hear from our customers about the daily challenges of owning and operating a small business. It’s tough work!

But we wanted to take this a step further and get to the root of what the biggest challenges actually are for business owners. So we took to our Twitter page and asked our followers to weigh in as part of a weekly poll.

On May 1, 2018, we Tweeted the below poll to our followers:

Poll Results: Biggest Challenge Small Businesses Face

The responses we received were definitely insightful! We found that 64 percent of our poll audience felt that “promotional resources” was the biggest challenge small businesses face, while 36 percent said a “level playing field” was the biggest challenge. No votes were cast for “more educational info,” which was surprising to us.

As a small business owner, you put every cent you have into making the business successful — and it looks like you’re concerned about not having any cash left over to promote how amazing your business is after you’ve built it.

It’s no wonder that promotional resources are such a concern! Promoting your business is costly and constant. You need to consistently spend money, time and resources to get a good return on your investment.

To assist our followers with their promotional resources and strategies, we’ve rounded up our top blog posts to help you overcome this challenge. Give these a read today!

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