How to Connect my Domain to GoogleSites

Connect your website domain to Google Sites by updating or changing your DNS Host records

Connecting my website to Google Sites

Change your DNS Host records, so your domain will work with  Google Sites.

What are we referring to when we say, your domain’?

When we reference ‘your domain’ we mean your website i.e.

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a large group of servers that holds the information for where to find domains. (i.e. if your domain is your phone number, DNS is the phone book that can find your domain and everyone else’s.

What is a nameserver?

Nameservers tell the internet where to find each domain/web address


Why would I need to change my website provider?

The main reason for this is that you are updating your website service provider.

What are ‘Host Records’?

Host records are the mapping that allows you to point your domain to a website.

Your new hosting provider should have provided you with this information.

What will I need to KNOW before I begin to connect my domain to Google Sites?

  • Your login information for your Google Sites account
  • Your domain provider's requirements
  • In Google Sites, you can be on a trial or paid account to connect your domain
  • You can't connect a custom domain to Google Sites if the domain name has the word "Google Sites" or "sqsp" in it.

    What will I need to DO before I begin to connect my domain to Google Sites?

  • Follow step 1 below to find your specific domain settings that Google Sites will provide to update your DNS host settings

*Please note, while the process is quick, it does typically take 30-45 minutes for the data to propagate.  However, depending on your domain and web host provider it could take up to 48 hours to complete.

Step 1 - Start the connection to Google Sites

To connect your domain, log into your Google Sites account and go to the SquareDomains panel:

  • In the Home Menu, click Settings, then click Domains.
  • Click Use a Domain I Own.
  • Enter the full domain name you’re connecting in the Enter Domain field, then click the arrow.
  • Click Connect Domain.
  • Select your domain provider from the drop-down menu. If you don’t find your domain provider, select Other. You can still connect your domain if your provider isn't on the list.
  • Click Connect Domain.
  • In the message that appears, click Continue.

Step 2 - View your DNS settings
After you click connect, the DNS Settings panel will appear. This panel shows the records you need to enter in your provider's account to connect your domain to your Google Sites site. Keep this panel open for your reference.


Your domain records may be green or red, depending on the DNS information our system receives from your domain provider.

Next, once you have your information from Google Sites, you’re ready to update your  DNS Host records information

  1. Access your domain dashboard by using the following link and then clicking on manage domain

1). Click "Manage Domain"


It will open up the domain dashboard in a new window.   It might ask you for a username and password, in the event that it does, just close the window and hit the manage domain button again.


2) Click on your domain name


3) Click "Host Records" 



Step 4 - Add the first CNAME Record

In the first line of your Google Sites DNS Settings, copy the unique code that appears directly below the Host column. The unique code is a random string of numbers and letters that must point to verify. Google

In your provider's DNS manager, create a CNAME with these values:

Alias or Host Name

Type or Record Type

Points to

Copy and paste the unique code under Host on the first line.


verify. Google

If you can't add this CNAME due to your provider's settings, you can add a TXT record instead.

Note: If you don't add this CNAME, or if it's entered incorrectly, the domain will unlink from your site after 15 days. If this happens, you can start over to reconnect the domain.

Step 5 - Add the second CNAME Record

In the second line of your Google Sites DNS Settings, www appears directly below the Host column. This record must point to ext-cust.Google

Depending on your provider, you may already have a CNAME set up with www Alias. If so, edit this existing CNAME so that Points To is ext-cust.Google (For most providers, add this without the last ".")

In your provider's DNS manager, create a CNAME with these values:

Alias or Host Name

Type or Record Type

Points to




Note: If you're experiencing issues adding this record or if your domain provider doesn't support CNAME records, add an A record with the following details instead:

  • Alias or Host Name: www
  • Points To or Details:

Then, in Step 6, only add the three remaining A records.

Step 6 - Add the A records

In the last four lines of your Google Sites DNS Settings, you'll see four IP addresses in the Required Data column. Each of these displays @ in the Host column.

Depending on your provider, you may already have some A records in place. If so, edit any existing A records with Host Name @ so that Points To matches the values below.

Find the area of your DNS settings where you edit your A records. If possible, create four A records matching what's shown below. If you can only add one A record, use the record in the first row.

Host or Host Name

Records, Record Type, or Type

Points To or Details









If your provider doesn't accept @ as a Host Name, we recommend leaving the Host/Host Name field blank or entering your domain name without the "www" in front

*Remember, these changes could take up to 48 hours to propagate.

If you need more information visit Google Sites’s Domain Connection FAQ