Deciding on a company formation service can be very confusing and seemingly overwhelming process.

There are a multitude of companies on the web that perform the function of starting new entities and each has its own unique offerings and packages that can potentially you make feel that they are comparing apples to oranges. Although our modesty prohibits us from claiming that we are the best listed below are some of the distinguishing features that we think separate us from other companies.

Why Thousands of Small Business Owners Choose Incfile

Value – Nobody gives you more for less!

First and foremost our basic price of a new entity formation is $0 plus state filing fees and although you may find companies claiming to do it for less you have to be aware that many of these companies only prepare the documents and mail them to you.

Our service is end to end we prepare your documents file them with the state and only deliver everything to you only after the company has been filed and if for any reason we cannot get your filed we will issue a full refund to you.

Registered Agent Service - 1st Year Free!

Each of our 3 packages include a 1 free year of registered agent service, if you do not need us to act as your registered agent you are not obliged to do so and you can name yourself or whomever you wish.

We only point this out because there are companies that will offer the registered agent service for a pre specified time lets say 6 weeks or 3 months and then auto charge your payment card for whatever there annual fee is and then keep charging every year thereafter going forward making the assumption that the company is still active or that you have not changed the agent on file with the state.


We have dedicated much time and effort to make sure that you know exactly what not only the final cost of your formation will be throughout the order process but we also make sure that you are aware of any additional post filing fees that the state may require of you after the formation is complete.

On the first page of our order process you will see a link at the towards the top of the page that will present itself after the state and entity type have been selected titled "[State] Compulsory Filing Requirements".

We strongly urge you to review this link as many states i.e. Nevada exercise very expensive fees that are due within a close proximity to the entity being filed. The link will also inform you what the annual fees and requirements for keeping the company active will be as most states require the entity to file document known as an annual report or franchise tax, we will let you know when it is due and what it will cost.


All of our packages include lifetime notification alerts as long as we have a valid email we will also send email alerts informing our clients of important filing dates regarding their entities. These emails are sent on a schedule that will allow you to know when an annual report or franchise tax report is due so that you can avoid missing important filing dates.

Internal Documents

It is very important that clients understand that the company formation process is more than just filing the articles of organization / incorporation with the state. Depending on the state in which the company is filed some states may not list the members of an LLC or the Directors and Shareholders of a corporation.

We create custom Operating Agreements for the LLC which will list the name and percentage of ownership for each member. In addition we also create custom bylaws and organizational meeting minutes for corporations which list the names of the Directors and Shareholders as well as the number of shares that each shareholder owns.

The internal documents stated above are in addition to other custom documents as well such as the Statement of the Organizer / Incorporator and banking resolutions. If changes need to be made to any of these documents we can also provide them to our clients in digital format so that they can be customized as needed.

Electronic Copies

We know that sometimes even the best organized person can misplace or lose important documents therefore we make sure to keep copies of every filing in digital format should you need it in the future.


You can always rest assured that your personal information will remain such. We do not sell or solicit your information to any person or outside business the only we will share any of your personal information with any outside agency is through the receipt of a subpoena.

Although we do have partners that we encourage our clients to use they will only be provided your contact information if you personally opt in. We also do not store any payment card information in our database and scrape any other sensitive information from our site i.e. Social Security Numbers from the database as soon as the order is completed

Sales Practices

We do not employ sales people any person that you speak to on the telephone regarding information about a new formation will always be knowledgable long time employee or on of the owners of the company.

We only provide you with clear concise information that will allow you to make the best decision for your needs. Even though it is much more profitable for us, we never have or will encourage our clients to form entities in states outside of the location where the business is physically located as this practice adds further complexity to the process if additional steps are not taken and can leave the client exposed in the event of litigation or the pursuance of additional licensing in the state of location.

We would strongly urge you to be wary of companies that compel you to form a business entity in this state or that state as this can have detrimental consequences if the additional steps are not taken. Follow the link for more information regarding this


When we entered this industry in 2003, the landscape of competitors was completely different from the companies we see today. Through hard work and determination we weathered the incremental business cycles that all business are subject to and are still here today.

We have formed well over 500,000 companies and the majority of our staff has been with us since the beginning of the companies existence. What that means for you is that you can rest assured that your documents will be handled by individuals who have vast knowledge and experience in filing business entities and are familiar with the nuances of each of the 50 states.


At the end of the day we know that we are not perfect, we make mistakes sometimes its difficult to reach us on the phones and speak to a live person. However if we do make a an error or fall short of expectations you can rest assured that we will do everything within in reason to ensure that you leave a satisfied customer and have a positive experience.

Our goal is to provide to provide the most value at the lowest cost and the cost for that is that we cannot staff a pleather of call takers to man the phones. If you do need to reach us immediately the best way to contact us for a prompt response is to use the messaging tool found at the bottom right of each page of our site.

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