Virtual Address - Virtual Mailbox And Mail Scanning Service from Incfile

Get a Fixed Street Address and Access to Your Correspondence Anywhere.

The way we do business has changed. More people travel than ever before, but we still need to stay in touch. Our suppliers, customers, partners and others expect to contact us and get the answers they need. Although email, instant messaging and other technologies make communication easier and faster, there’s no good substitute for traditional snail mail.

Until now.

Welcome to Incfile’s Virtual Address service. It gives you access to a genuine street address for your business, so you can enjoy the benefits of mail scanning and a virtual mailbox wherever you are.

Advantages of a Virtual Address

Our Virtual Address is easy to use, and there are several benefits for you and your business:

One address for all correspondence

A single, stable street address you can give to suppliers, banks, customers, government agencies and more

Review mail wherever you are

All paper mail is scanned and uploaded to a secure, private portal where you can read and review correspondence at your convenience

Professional image for your business

A business address is more prestigious than a residential address and could enhance your reputation and marketing

A low, fixed price regardless of mail volume

Virtual Address is priced at just $29 per month

Virtual Address Is Ideal for Entrepreneurs

Having a Virtual Address makes sense, whatever stage your business is in:

Keep your real address private

There’s no need to publicize your home address for business purposes.

Relocating your business

Don’t let anything get lost in the mail if you’re moving offices.

Digital nomads and remote work

Traveling and working from other countries is an amazing experience. Now you never worry about missing important mail on the go.

Digital nomads

Virtual mailbox

We do not receive boxed packages, only letters and large envelopes will be accepted. We will open, scan, and send a notification when mail is uploaded to your dashboard.

Any bank checks, credit, or debits cards will be mail forwarded (via USPS) to the contact adress on file.

States Where Virtual Address Service Is Available

Incfile currently provides virtual mailboxes in 22 different states across the country, providing you with the flexibility you need to run your business in the location that makes the most sense for you.

Choose State

More Information on Virtual Address

Here’s everything else you need to know:

Complete Mail Scanning of All Correspondence

We digitally scan all letters and other correspondence, and then upload it to your secure account within one business day.

Worldwide Access Via Web Browser

There's no software to install; you can read your mail from anywhere and any web browser via our confidential online portal - just log in.

Security and Encryption

All of your correspondence is encrypted and available only to you. Physical data stays protected in our secure facilities.

Email Notification

We contact you every time we scan and upload a piece of mail, so you’ll never miss time-sensitive information.

Mobile Compatibility

View correspondence on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

No In-Person Access

While we do provide you with a physical address to receive mail, this does not serve as a mail pickup location. We do not provide any in-person support.