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5 Advantages of a Vermont Street Address and Virtual Mailbox

Get a real Vermont street address with mail scanning to enjoy these five benefits:

Never miss urgent mail from the Vermont Secretary of State and Vermont Department of Taxes
Win over customers and other businesses who want to work with Vermont-based companies
Create an official Vermont presence, regardless of where you live
Quickly access your Vermont mail anytime, anywhere through our secure web portal
Keep your personal address safe and secure

Vermont Virtual Mailbox FAQs

Can My Vermont Virtual Address Be the Same as My Registered Agent Address?

No, we recommend you don't make your virtual address your Registered Agent’s address. Your Registered Agent should instead have their own Vermont street address where they can receive official correspondence on your behalf.


Plus, your Registered Agent's address should only be used for legal mail, while your virtual address can be used for any kind of mail.


Need a Registered Agent in Vermont? Incfile has a trustworthy Registered Agent service at an reasonable price.

In Which States Does Incfile Provide the Virtual Mailbox Service?

If you live in any U.S. state other than Oregon or Arkansas, you can use Incfile's Virtual Address service.

What Are the Limitations of a Virtual Mailbox Service?

With a virtual mailbox service, you can't pick up mail at the given address. Instead, your mail will be digitally scanned and uploaded through our secure web portal. Virtual mailbox services also can't receive large packages on your behalf.