Why Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

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Naming Your Vermont LLC

Whether you’re searching for the right Vermont business name or registering your LLC with the VT Secretary of State, we can help. We’ve got all the information you need on a Vermont business entity search, LLC naming rules, fictitious names and registering your business.

Vermont Business Entity Searches with the Secretary of State

You need to check whether there’s already another Vermont LLC registered with your desired business name. That means searching the Vermont Secretary of State website using their business search tool. You can easily look up LLCs and corporations by name and other details.

If the business name is already used, that means it’s not available and you won’t be able to register it. Try searching for a different business name instead.

Vermont Secretary of State Business Name Search Tool

Vermont Business Name Rules

Once you’ve decided on a name for your LLC and checked business name availability, you’ll need to meet naming rules. These rules typically apply to all LLCs, no matter what state they are formed in.

Vermont LLC Trade and “Doing Business As” (DBA) Names

You might choose to do business under a different name from your legal LLC name. In Vermont, doing business under a different name is known as a “Trade” or “Doing Business As” name. You might choose to use a different name from your formal LLC name for a variety of reasons.

For example, your LLC might be called Vermont Maple Syrup Tapping Company LLC and you have a chain called Miraculous Maple. You should file a Trade/DBA form to let the Vermont Secretary of State know.

Incfile's DBA Name Service

Vermont Business Name Registration

Once you’ve searched for your Vermont business name, checked availability, followed the naming rules and decided whether you need a fictitious name, you can register your VT LLC name. There are a couple of ways to do this.

  • 1

    If you don’t want to form your LLC right now, you can reserve the business name with the Vermont Secretary of State. You will need to complete a “Application to Reserve a Specified Business Name” and file it with the VT SOS. You do not need to reserve a name if you are forming your business right away.

    Vermont SOS LLC Name Reservation Form

  • 2

    If you’re ready to start your LLC, you can formally file your Articles of Organization with the Vermont SOS, o let Incfile take care of it for you.

FAQs on Naming Your LLC

You might find the following answers useful.

Other Incfile Resources for Naming an LLC

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Trademarks and Service Marks

You must be careful that your Vermont LLC name does not infringe on the trademark or service mark of another business. The easiest way to make sure your proposed business name does not infringe is to carry out a trademark search through Incfile. If it doesn’t infringe, you can even register it as a trademark yourself.

Incfile Trademark Search and Registration Service

Find the Perfect Name for Your Vermont LLC

The perfect business name can be elusive. We have a complete guide to choosing the right business name, but basically, you'll want to choose a name that will:

  • Appeal to your customers
  • Be memorable enough to stand out
  • Best represent your product or services
  • Not be used by another business
Incfile Guide to Choosing a Business Name

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