Why Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

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Setting up Your Utah LLC

Located in the western United States, Utah is home to more than three million people. Bordered by Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Idaho and sharing a corner with New Mexico, the state is ideally located as a transportation hub.

Utah has long been home to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Mormons make up just over 60 percent of the state’s population. Mormons have a huge influence on culture, education and business in Utah.

Utah is a place of great natural beauty, and outdoor tourism is a major contributor to the state’s economy. Technology, research, transportation, education, mining and government services are the other major sectors in the region.

If you want to start your own business in Utah, one of the best ways to do so is by forming an LLC. Utah Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are a business entity designed for startups and small- and medium-sized businesses. Forming an LLC is fast, easy and inexpensive. LLCs offer many of the protections and advantages of large corporations without all the rules, regulations and compliance issues common to larger business entities.

In Utah you also have the option to set up a “Series LLC” — these are specialized LLCs designed to allow you to manage multiple separate LLCs under one master umbrella LLC. We have a helpful guide to Series LLCs to help you decide if they’re right for your new business.

Let’s start by looking at the advantages of forming a Utah LLC.

Advantages of Forming an LLC in Utah

Utah LLCs have several benefits for business owners.

  • The preparation to start a Utah LLC is quick and easy: You can complete all the necessary forms and actions online to start your company. You can gather and prepare the information to start your business in an hour or two.
  • An LLC limits your personal liability: Any liabilities created by your Utah business (debts, obligations and other liabilities) are legally considered to be completely separate from your personal assets as the business owner or founder.
  • Utah LLCs are easy to maintain: LLCs are light on rules and regulations. There’s no need for boards of directors, complex rules and regulations or formal annual meetings.
  • LLCs are very easy to manage: General administration is fast and easy. Add and amend members and make other changes with just a little paperwork.
  • Taxes are simple: Any income you earn through your Utah LLC is reported on your personal tax return. This means you won’t run into “double taxation” issues common with larger corporations.
  • Turnaround times for forming an LLC in Utah: You will normally have the option of a “Standard” turnaround time and an “Expedited” turnaround time for forming your LLC. You can learn about those times here.
  • Fees for forming an LLC in Utah: Learn about standard filing costs here.

Start your Utah LLC in Six Simple Steps

STEP 1: Name Your Utah LLC

  • You will need a distinctive, original name for your Utah LLC that’s not used by another business in Utah.
  • To find out if another company is using your choice of business name, carry out a Utah business entity name search.
  • The name should be unique and not able to be confused with the name of another Utah business.
  • The name of your business must end with “Limited Liability Company” or the abbreviation “LLC” or “L.L.C.”
    • For example: “Salt Lake City Transportation and Logistics LLC” or “Roman and Sons, Limited Liability Company.”

STEP 2: Provide the Address for Your New Utah LLC

A Utah LLC must have a designated street address. That could be your home address (if you’re running the company from your residence), where your office is located or any physical address of your preference, even outside of Utah. It cannot be a P.O. Box.

STEP 3: Assign a Registered Agent for Your Utah LLC

Every Utah LLC must have a “Registered Agent.” That could be you, the managing director, owner or a dedicated Registered Agent service. The Registered Agent in Utah is someone who receives official legal and tax correspondence and has responsibility for filing reports with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code.

In Utah, Registered Agents are known as Commercial Registered Agents.

At Incfile, all of our packages include a Registered Agent service which is free for the first year and just $99 per year thereafter. We also have a dashboard where you can log in and easily view any document your Registered Agent has received on your behalf. Here are a few reasons you might want to appoint Incfile as your Registered Agent service:

  • The Registered Agent must have a physical street address in the state where you are forming the company. Some people establish companies outside of the state they live in and will need to use a Registered Agent service to provide the address.
  • You always need to have someone on hand to receive important documents for your business during business hours (typically 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday). Therefore, a person must always be available to sign for legal correspondence.
  • The Registered Agent’s name and address are part of the public record and available through the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code's website. If you would prefer your name and address are not published, this is a good reason to choose a Registered Agent service.
  • If you change your Utah business address or move out of state, you don’t need to file additional documentation with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code for the new address of your Registered Agent. You will need to set up a new Registered Agent service in the new state.

STEP 4: Gather Information for Filing With the State

You will need to gather together certain information about your proposed business for filing with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. We’ll guide you through everything you need to do when you create your business with us.

STEP 5: File Articles of Organization With the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code

Once you've gathered all the information together for your LLC, you’ll need to file a formal document with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code to create your LLC. This document is known as your Certificate of Organization, and filing it starts the process of creating your Utah LLC. You can do this online, mail in a form or have Incfile do it on your behalf.

STEP 6: Consider creating a Utah LLC Operating Agreement

Utah LLCs aren’t required to have an Operating Agreement, but they are extremely useful for several reasons. Your Operating Agreement covers how the business will be run, how managers and members are chosen, the rights and duties of members and several other key areas. Learn how to create your Operating Agreement here.

If you’re interested in having your Operating Agreement created for you, Incfile will draft a general Operating Agreement within most of our online business formation packages. It can also be selected as an add-on option in our Silver package. This Operating Agreement will be a basic template that you can make changes to anytime you see fit.

You can find lots more useful information on how to form an LLC here. It answers questions like:

  • Who can form an LLC?
  • Where should you form an LLC?
  • When should you form an LLC?
  • What are the ongoing responsibilities for an LLC?

Starting Your Utah LLC: Useful Resources

Form a Utah LLC Without Breaking the Bank

Incfile provides a cost-effective service to help you create your LLC. We guide you through the process and handle most of the administrative steps on your behalf, such as filing the Certificate of Organization. Our basic package also provides free Registered Agent service for the first year. If you're looking for help starting an LLC, our comprehensive services provide outstanding value.

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What are the fees and requirements to form a business in Utah?

Filing Time and Price

The state charges this amount to file a new business entity. This fee goes directly to the Secretary of State.

State Fee State Filing Time Expedited Filing Time
$76 15 Business Days 8 Business Days

Compliance Requirements

This report is mandatory and must be filed within the specified time frame in order for the entity to remain in good standing with the state. Failure to file this report can lead to the company being revoked or administratively dissolved.

Annual Report

Frequency: Annually

Due Date: During the three- month period beginning with the first day of the entity's anniversary month of formation.

Filing Fee: $15

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