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5 Advantages of a Rhode Island Street Address and Virtual Mailbox

Find out how you can benefit from getting a Rhode Island street address:

Reliably receive correspondence from the Rhode Island Secretary of State and Rhode Island Division of Taxation
Earn the trust of businesses and customers who prefer to work with Rhode Island-based companies
Establish a legitimate presence in Rhode Island (even if you live thousands of miles away)
Access your Rhode Island mail from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, with the help of our secure web portal
Never have to disclose your personal address to business contacts

Rhode Island Virtual Mailbox FAQs

Can I Use My Rhode Island Virtual Address as My Registered Agent Address?

We advise against using your virtual address for your Registered Agent's address. Why? Your Registered Agent should have their own street address where they can physically receive mail on your company's behalf.


Additionally, your Registered Agent's address should be used only for official and legal mail. Your virtual address, on the other hand, can be used for any time of mail.


Need a Registered Agent who's based in Rhode Island? Our Registered Agent service can meet your needs without breaking the bank.

In What States Does Incfile Provide a Virtual Mailbox Service?

We offer Virtual Mailbox services in every state across the country except Oregon and Arkansas.

What Are the Limitations of a Virtual Mailbox Service?

If you use a Virtual Mailbox service, you'll only be able to view your mail online rather than picking it up at a physical location. You also can't have large packages delivered to a virtual address.