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Meeting the New York Publication Requirement

1. Contact the County Clerk in the county where the LLC maintains its principal office and provide them with the filing receipt received from the New York Department of State.

2. The County Clerk will provide 2 allowable periodicals in which the LLC must file the notice. Note: you are not allowed to select the periodicals that have not been approved or otherwise not provided by the County Clerk.

3. Assign the approved periodicals to publish the notice and pay their respective fees. The notice must include the following: (a) the name of the LLC; (b) the date the LLC was formed (this will be stamped on the articles of organization); (c) the county where the main office of the LLC is located and the street address of the main office; (d) a statement that the Secretary of State has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served and the address where the SSNY may forward any process against the LLC; (e) the name and address of the LLC’s registered agent, if any, and a statement that the registered agent is to be the agent of the LLC  upon whom process against it may be served; (f) the character or purpose of the LLC (typically the following statement will suffice: “the purpose of the LLC is to engage in any lawful act or activity”) and (g) the date the LLC will dissolve, if such date is known, for the vast majority of LLCs the correct way to answer this question by inserting the word “perpetual”.

4. Upon the completion of the publication the LLC must file a Certificate of Publication with the New York Department of State, which includes the affidavits of publication received from the periodicals and a $50 filing fee. Below is a link to the Certificate of Publication form.