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5 Advantages of a Minnesota Street Address and Virtual Mailbox

Enjoy these perks by getting a real Minnesota street address with mail scanning:

Receive essential mail from the Minnesota Secretary of State and Minnesota Department of Revenue
Establish credibility with people who prefer to do business with Minnesota-based companies
Develop a stronger presence in Minnesota, even if you and your team live elsewhere
Easily see your Minnesota mail from wherever you are with Incfile's mail scanning service and secure web portal
No more needing to share your personal address with business contacts

Minnesota Virtual Mailbox FAQs

Can I Use an MN Virtual Address as My Registered Agent Address?

It is typically not recommended and not allowed. A Minnesota Registered Agent should have a real MN street address so they can receive official, legal correspondence from the state. Incfile provides a Registered Agent service in MN.

In What States Do You Provide a Virtual Mailbox Service?

All states, except for Oregon and Arkansas, can use Incfile's Virtual Mailbox service.

What Are the Limitations of a Virtual Mailbox Service?

A Virtual Mailbox service won't let you pick up your physical mail at the address; rather, you access your mail online after it is scanned. A Virtual Mailbox service also cannot receive packages.