Articles of Amendment are filed whenever a business entity is required to make a change to the original Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization for LLCs. The Articles of Amendment are filed with the appropriate state corporation governing authority.

Articles of Amendment are typically filed to change the following information:

  • The addition or removal of a director, officer or member for LLCs
  • To change the business address of the corporation or LLC
  • To change the number of authorized shares issued by a corporation
  • To alter stated business activities conducted by the corporation or LLC

Upon receiving a request to file Articles of Amendment the designated form is prepared and submitted to the governing state agency. As soon as the filed articles are returned a copy is mailed to the client.

How long does it take to file Articles of Amendment?

The filing time is dependent on the governing state agency and varies by state.

How much does it cost to file Articles of Amendment?

The state fee varies by state our service fee to file Articles of Amendment is $99. To review the fee in your state click on the “order now” button and select the state and entity type.

What will I receive when the Articles of Amendment are filed?

The governing state agency will typically return a copy of the filed articles to us which are then mailed to the client.

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