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Georgia Rules on Naming Your Corporation or LLC

All businesses formed in Georgia must be named following certain rules.

Your Georgia business name should not be confusable with or similar to another business in GA.

If your Georgia business is an LLC, it must contain “Limited Liability Company” or an abbreviation. If it’s a corporation, it must contain a word like “Incorporated,” “Corporation” or something similar.

Normally, you cannot imply connection with a Georgia state entity or that you will be carrying out activities your GA business is not legally able to provide.

Georgia Limited Liability Company and Corporation Naming Rules

In addition to the general rules listed above, the Georgia Secretary of State has some specific business naming rules for your LLC or Corporation. You will need to follow these rules if you want to name your GA business appropriately.

  • 1

    Use of the following terms in an entity name requires written approval from the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner: “insurance,” “assurance,” “surety,” “fidelity,” “reinsurance,” “reassurance” or “indemnity”

  • 2

    Use of the following terms or any variation of the word “bank” in an entity name requires written approval from the Department of Banking and Finance: "bank," “banc,” “banque,” “banker,” “banking company,” “banking house,” “bancorp,” “bankruptcy,” “credit union,” “savings & loan,” “trust” or “trust company”

  • 3

    Use of the following terms in an entity name requires written approval from the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission: “college” or “university”

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