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Fees and Taxes for Your Georgia Corporation

You’ll need to pay certain taxes and fees for your Georgia S Corp or C Corp. We’ve included the more common ones below.

Common Fees for a Georgia Corporation

  1. Fees for forming a corporation in Georgia: Learn about standard filing costs here for GA corporations.

  2. Georgia State Annual Report Fee: A yearly fee when you file your Annual Report.

  3. Georgia Permits and Licenses: These are the fees for creating or renewing your licenses and permits on a regular basis. These depend on the type of Georgia corporation you’re operating and where you’re located.

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Taxes You and Your Georgia Corporation Need to Pay

Georgia S Corporations and C Corporations are taxed differently. Find the details below.

Both S Corporations and C Corporations in Georgia Need to Pay These Taxes

IRS Payroll Tax

Your Georgia corporation will need to pay employer payroll tax to the IRS on salaries paid to employees.

Georgia State Income Tax

Anyone who takes earnings out of your Georgia corporation will need to pay Georgia state income tax. Find out more on the Georgia Department of Revenue website.

Sales and Use Tax Payable to the State of Georgia

If your GA corporation is selling products or services in Georgia, you may need to pay a state sales tax. Find out more on the Georgia Department of Revenue website.

Georgia Other Taxes

You may need to pay other taxes and fees, depending on the type of Georgia corporation you run. Find out more on the Georgia Department of Revenue website.

Your Georgia Corporation Will Need to Pay Estimated Taxes

Most Georgia corporations will need to pay estimated taxes throughout the year, depending on the amount of income and profit you expect to make. The most common types of estimated tax are:

  • Federal income tax

  • Federal self-employment tax

  • Georgia state tax

Most Georgia S Corporations and C Corporations will pay estimated taxes four times a year. Speak to your accountant for more information.

Employee Insurance and Taxes for Your Georgia Corporation

If your GA corporation employs workers, you will need to pay insurance and taxes to the state for each employee.

Get more requirements from the Georgia Department of Labor website.

Taxes Payable by All Individuals Working for Georgia Corporations

Pay Federal Income Tax on Georgia Corporation Earnings, Dividends and Distributions

You will need to pay regular federal income tax when you file your tax return every year.

Georgia S Corporations — Additional Tax Liabilities

Self-Employment Tax

In a Georgia S Corporation, your earnings “flow through” from the business to your personal tax return. This means you must pay self-employment tax on those earnings, at a rate of 15.3%. Note that you can deduct standard tax deductions and business expenses.

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You will be able to deduct your business expenses from your income when working out how much self-employment tax you owe. Here are some examples of how much self-employment tax you may need to pay, depending on your earnings:

  • On profits of $10,000, you would pay self-employment tax of $1,530

  • On profits of $30,000, you would pay self-employment tax of $4,590

  • On profits of $60,000, you would pay self-employment tax of $9,180

  • On profits of $120,000, you would pay self-employment tax of $18,360

In some cases, part of the income from an S Corporation can be paid as a “distribution” rather than “salary,” so it would not be subject to self-employment tax.

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Taxes Payable by Georgia C Corporations

Corporation Tax

Georgia C Corporations must file corporate tax returns with the IRS and pay corporation taxes on their profits. Shareholders must also pay tax on dividends received from a Georgia C Corporation, which does result in “double taxation.”

Stock Dividends From C Corporations

A Georgia C Corporation may pay shareholders dividends as a share of the profits of the company. The value of dividends that each shareholder is entitled to depends on how many shares they own.

Dividends that are distributed to shareholders are taxed twice: first at the corporate level as profit (on the corporation’s Form 1120) and again at the individual level as stock dividends (on the shareholder's Form 1040).

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What are the fees and requirements to form a business in Georgia?

Filing Time and Price

The state charges this amount to file a new business entity. This fee goes directly to the Secretary of State.

State Fee State Filing Time Expedited Filing Time
$100 20 Business Days 5 Business Days

Compliance Requirements

This report is mandatory and must be filed within the specified time frame in order for the entity to remain in good standing with the state. Failure to file this report can lead to the company being revoked or administratively dissolved.

Annual Report

Frequency: Annually

Due Date: April 1st

Filing Fee: $50

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