Why Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Florida?

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What City is Best for Your Florida LLC?

Miami Florida - LLC Formation in Miami Florida Orlando Florida - LLC Formation in Orlando Florida

There are plenty of beautiful cities where you can form your LLC in the Sunshine State. Here’s a quick overview of the four largest cities, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa.

Starting an LLC in Miami, FL

Near the southern tip of Florida, Miami features a diverse culture and population, together with many business opportunities. Miami is the second most populous city in Florida, and its metro area is the eighth largest in the US. Miami is a major center for business and international trade with the man industries being media, entertainment, commercial trade, imports / exports, finance, entertainment and the arts. Miami has been described as “America’s cleanest large city” due to its large green spaces, drinking water, environment and recycling. Miami is also a popular center for entertainment, media and other businesses supporting Spanish language speakers.

  • Area of Miami city: 55 square miles
  • Population: 5.5 million in the metropolitan, city and surrounding areas
  • Population density: 12,360 people per square mile
  • Cost of living: 11 percent higher than the national average with housing 30 percent higher
  • Time zone: Eastern time
  • Sales tax in Miami: 7 percent​

Starting an LLC in Orlando, FL

Although it's probably best known as the home of Walt Disney World and a number of other entertainment theme parks (It’s the “Theme Park Capital of the World”), Orlando is a center for many different types of business. Located in Central Florida, Orlando is the fourth largest city in the state and is home to the largest university campus in the US. Key industries in Florida include entertainment, tourism, technology, digital media, research, healthcare and golf. Florida accommodates over thirty universities, colleges and centers of higher education.

  • Area of Orlando city: 111 square miles
  • Population: 3.7 million in the city, metro and surrounding areas
  • Population density: 2,330 people per square mile
  • Cost of living: 6 percent lower than the national average, housing is 9% lower
  • Time zone: Eastern time
  • Sales tax in Orlando: 6.5 percent

Starting an LLC in Jacksonville, FL:

Located in the far northeast of the state, Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida, the 12th largest in the US, and the largest city by area in the US. Jacksonville is the financial, commercial and cultural, center of North Florida and contains deep-water commercial, civilian and military ports. Many businesses in the banking, insurance, healthcare and logistics industries are headquartered in Jacksonville. The main industries in Jacksonville include insurance, biotech, distribution, consumer goods, financial services, information services, insurance and manufacturing.

  • Area of Jacksonville city: 875 square miles (Metropolitan)
  • Population: 1.5 million in the metropolitan, city and surrounding areas
  • Population density: 1,142 people per square mile
  • Cost of living: 4 percent lower than the national average, housing is 14% lower
  • Time zone: Eastern time
  • Sales tax in Jacksonville: 7 percent

Starting an LLC in Tampa, FL

Located on the west coast of Florida, Tampa and the Tampa Bay area is an important international center for shipping and trade. Tampa is the third most populous city in Florida and was ranked as the fifth-best outdoor city in the US. It’s also in the top 10 of the cities that people in the US want to live in. The main industries in Tampa include air and sea shipping, retail, healthcare, finance, tourism, insurance and real estate. Tampa is also home to several professional sports teams. There is also a significant military presence in Tampa, as it is home to the MacDill Air Force Base, United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), United States Marine Forces Central Command (USMARCENT) and many other military outposts and installations.

  • Area of Tampa city: 171 square miles
  • Population: 2.8 million in the metropolitan, city and surrounding areas
  • Population density: 2,970 people per square mile
  • Cost of living: 9 percent lower than the national average, housing is 24 percent lower
  • Time zone: Eastern time.
  • Sales tax in Tampa: 7 percent.

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What are the fees and requirements to form a business in Florida?

Filing Time and Price

The state charges this amount to file a new business entity. This fee goes directly to the Secretary of State.

State Fee State Filing Time Expedited Filing Time
$125 16 Business Days 9 Business Days

Compliance Requirements

This report is mandatory and must be filed within the specified time frame in order for the entity to remain in good standing with the state. Failure to file this report can lead to the company being revoked or administratively dissolved.

Annual Report


Due Date:May 1st

Filing Fee:$139

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