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You have some great ideas that you’re going to transform into products and services, and starting a business is the first step in making that happen. We know there’s a lot to think about when you’re getting your business off the ground—that’s why we’ve made things easy.

You’ll find some of our most popular business resources and tools below, all designed to take the mystery out of your startup. You can get a super-helpful start your business checklist, a guide to choosing the right business structure, startup resources for popular states and much more.

Each of our free resources for starting a business is self-contained and provides practical, easy-to-use information and tools to get you up and running with a minimum of fuss.

General Tools and Resources for Creating Your Business

The Complete “Start Your Business Checklist”

A clear and comprehensive guide to starting your business the right way.

How to Start an Amazon Business

A complete guide to starting an ecommerce business so you can start selling on Amazon.

How to Start a Consulting Business

Learn about the skills, experience and expertise you need to start a consulting business.

How to Start a Nonprofit

Learn how to create a new business with Nonprofit type.

If You’re Not a U.S. Citizen, Can You Get an EIN for Your Business?

Non-US Citizens can still form a business.

Being Self-Employed is Awesome

Ready to start your own business? Check out this infographic on why it's awesome.

Search for and Choose the Perfect Business Name

Don't get stuck on your business name. Here are some resources to find the perfect one.

Creating the Right Business Name Helps Your Business Stand Out

Stand out from the crowd with a unique and memorable business name.

Launching a Food Truck Business

Take your passion for food to the streets!

How to Decide What Business Structure is Right for You

Choose a Business Entity Based on Specific Scenarios

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Further Business Tools and Resources

These guides are a great place to start, and we’ve got plenty of other resources on the Incfile website, all created to make it easier to start and run a successful business. Here are some of the business tools you’ll find:

State Filing Times

State-by-state filing times and prices

Learn more

Filing and compliance requirements

Ongoing filing and compliance requirements

Learn more

Starting a Business

How to start different types of business, including online, franchise, unique and side businesses.

Learn more

Specific Industries

How to start businesses in specific industries like landscaping, real estate, salons, publishing, life coaching and more.

Learn more

Registered Agents

Complete details on registered agents and their function.

Learn more

Incfile Blog

The Incfile blog with detailed articles on every aspect of forming and running a business.

Learn more

Forming an LLC in Your State

State-by-state filing times and prices

Learn more

Forming a Corporation

State-by-state filing times and prices

Learn more

Business Name Search

Sytate-by-state filing times and prices

Learn more

Business Reports

Understand when your business report is due and filing deadlines.

Learn more

Entrepreneurship & COVID

Worried about starting a business in the current economy? Learn about business trends during the pandemic.

Learn more