You’ll find some of our most popular business resources and tools below, all designed to take the mystery out of your startup. You can get a super-helpful start your business checklist, a guide to choosing the right business structure, startup resources for popular states and much more.

Each of our free resources for starting a business is self-contained and provides practical, easy-to-use information and tools to get you up and running with a minimum of fuss.

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General Tools and Resources for Creating Your Business

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The Complete “Start Your Business” Checklist

A clear and comprehensive guide to starting your business the right way.

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Different Types of Corporate Structures

Learn about the four main types of legal business entities—LLCs, S Corporations, C Corporations and nonprofits.

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How to Find a Registered Agent

A resource to understand what registered agents do and the Incfile registered agent service.

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What to Do After Forming Your LLC

Once you’ve incorporated your LLC, here’s what you need to do to maximize your chances of success.

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Why Form a Limited Liability Company?

Reasons to form one of the simplest business structures: The Limited Liability Company (LLC).

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Why Form an S Corporation?

Why you might choose to create an S Corporation and the areas you need to think about.

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Why Form a C Corporation?

The advantages and disadvantages of creating a C Corporation.

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How to Start an Amazon Business

A complete guide to starting an ecommerce business so you can start selling on Amazon.

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How to Start a Consulting Business

Learn about the skills, experience and expertise you need to start a consulting business.

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How to Start an LLC in California

A complete business resource for creating your business in The Golden State.

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How to Start an LLC in Florida

Learn how to create a new business in The Sunshine State.

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How to Start a Nonprofit

Learn how to create a new business with Nonprofit type.

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Further Business Tools and Resources

These guides are a great place to start, and we’ve got plenty of other resources on the Incfile website, all created to make it easier to start and run a successful business. Here are some of the business tools you’ll find:

filing time and price
State-by-state filing times and prices.
forming an LLC
State-by-state guides to forming an LLC.
forming a corporation
State-by-state guides to forming a corporation.
business report
Understand when your business report is due and filing deadlines.
business name search
Search for the name of your business across multiple states.
incfile blog
The Incfile blog with detailed articles on every aspect of forming and running a business.
business entity types
How to start different types of business, including online, franchise, unique and side businesses.
start a business
How to start businesses in specific industries like landscaping, real estate, salons, publishing, life coaching and more.