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DIY Email Course

Email course that will guide you through each step of forming your business.


Business Entity Quiz

Take the quiz to help you determine the right entiry for your business.

Business Name Search

Business Name Search Tool

Find out if your company name is available in your state.


How to start a business:

Complete Guide to Starting a Business

Complete Guide to Starting a Business

A clear and comprehensive guide to starting your business the right way.


Start a Business Checklist

Get organized with our checklist to start your business the right way.

Bookcover COVID

Harness Your Hustle and Start Earning Extra Money

This step-by-step checklist will guide you in launching a side gig.

Bookcover 12 Copy 4

How to Create and File an LLC for Free

Download the guide to creating and filing an LLC for free!

Bookcover 5 Copy 3

How to Start an Amazon Business

A complete guide to starting an ecommerce business on Amazon.

Bookcover 6 Copy 3

How to Start a Consulting Business

Find out what you need to start a consulting business.

Bookcover 12

10 Keys to a Successful Business Plan

Get the guidance you need to write a successful business plan.

Business Ideas Mompreneurs

15 Small Business Ideas for Aspiring Mompreneurs

Get inspired to start a small business as a mompreneur.

How to Start an Airbnb

How to Start an Airbnb

This guide will give you the insight
into creating your own Airbnb business and becoming an entrepreneur.

Real Estate Business Plan  - Cover WEB

Creating a Real Estate Investing Business Plan

This guide will walk you through creating a real estate investing business plan, to give you a solid foundation for your business.

Fitness Tech Business - Cover WEB

How to Start a Fitness Tech Business

This guide will give you the insight
into creating your own Fitness Tech business and becoming an entrepreneur.

22 Resources and Tips - cover

22 Resources and Tips for Coming Up with a Business Name

This guide will help you come up with the perfect name for your business.

Entity guides:

Bookcover 3  Copy

Different Types of Corporate Structures

Compare four main types of business entities—LLCs, S Corps, C Corps and nonprofits.

Bookcover 1 Copy

Why Form a Limited Liability Company?

Reasons to form one of the simplest business structures: the LLC.

Bookcover 11 Copy

Why Form an S Corporation?

The advantages and disadvantages of creating a S Corporation.

Bookcover 12 Copy 3

Why Form a C Corporation?

The advantages and disadvantages of creating a C Corporation.

Bookcover 7 Copy 3

How to Start a Nonprofit

Learn how to create a new business with Nonprofit type.

State guides:

Bookcover 5 Copy 4

What is the Best State to Start My LLC?

Find out pros & cons to forming LLCs in all states.

Bookcover 13 Copy 5

How to Start an LLC in Florida

Learn how to create a new business in The Sunshine State.

Bookcover 14 Copy 3-1

How to Start an LLC in California

A complete business resource for creating your business in CA.

Next steps:

Bookcover 4 Copy

What to Do After Forming Your LLC

Here’s how to maximize the chances of success for your LLC.

Bookcover 8 Copy

How to Find a Registered Agent

Understand what registered agents do and how Incfile can help.

Bookcover 14 Copy 4

The Guide To Moving Your LLC to Another State

If you're moving, make sure you don't leave your LLC behind.

Cover - Smart  Little-Known Ideas

Ideas to Help Your Small Business Save More Money

Read this guide to make sure you are saving the most money for your small business.

Cover - New Revenue for Small Business

How to Add New Revenue Streams to Your Small Business

Read this guide to get ideas on how to diversify your revenue streams.

You may also be interested in:

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Can an LLC Owner File for Unemployment?

In trying times, unemployment might be a good option for LLC owners.

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Do LLCs Get a 1099 During Tax Time?

A guide to help you figure out if you need a 1099 for taxes.

Bookcover 13 Copy 6

If You’re Not a U.S. Citizen, Can You Get an EIN?

Non-US citizens can still form a business.


infographic-1 1

Being Self-Employed is Awesome

Infographic on why it's awesome to own a business.

Holiday_Side_Hustle 1

Get the Facts About Side-Hustling

Infographic with facts about side hustling.

infographic-4 1

Search for and Choose the Perfect Business Name

Infographic to help find the perfect business name.

Creating the Right Business Name Helps Your Business...

The Right Business Name to Help Your Business Stand Out

Infographic to inspire a memorable business name.

infographic-6 1

LLC Operating Agreements

Infographic on the ins and outs of LLC Operating Agreements.

infographic-8 1

Paying Yourself as an LLC Owner

Infographic on how much/often to pay yourself as an LLC owner.

infographic-5 2

Great Reasons to Start an LLC in Nevada

Infographic on why Nevada could be the best state for your LLC.

infographic-7 1

Launching a Food Truck Business

Take your passion for food to the streets!


Get the Facts About Mompreneurship

Infographic with facts about Mompreneurship.