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Standing Out Online Is Tricky

With an ever-expanding online marketplace, getting noticed isn’t easy. Listings help you stand out in the crowd, but managing them can be a frustrating process.


Let Incfile Do the Heavy Lifting

Work with Incfile and get your business listed on every major directory — leading to more eyes on your brand.


Benefits of Incfile Listings

We make it easy to create and maintain your local business listings on 40+ platforms and directories — even as new ones emerge.

  • Manage Listings from One Place

    Keep your business info up-to-date with our integrative platform, the Incfile Dashboard.

  • Have a Direct Line to Google

    Instead of waiting weeks, get your business verified on Google My Business in real-time.

  • Secure Your Business Information

    Stay in control with our list-locking services, meaning your info won’t change without your permission.

  • Packages to Fit Your Needs

    With various price points and list options, it’s easy to get your name out there.


What Are Business Listings?

Business listings are online directories of important information about your business. Think of it as a virtual phone book, as customers can search for and find businesses that meet their needs.

Paul R.
Year ago

“Was able to create my business in less than 30 minutes! Incredibly easy, intuitive and straight forward. Amazing!”

Carrie S.
Year ago

“Been using incfile for years. Love how easy it is to file and stay current with my LLC filings.”

Darla S.
Year ago

“They literally do almost everything for you, including state annual filing. SO easy to use for first-time business owners.”

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Where Should I List My Business?

While Incfile’s Premium package will list your business on over 40 websites and apps, these are the seven most important listings for your business.

Common Questions About Business Listings

How do you write a business listing?

You can write a business listing by providing the information requested from each directory, such as a short description of your business, its location, contact information, website, social media links and hours of operation. By working with Incfile, you can provide your business info once and let us do the rest.

Why Do We Do Business Listings?

Business listings are important because they help new customers find your business and learn more about your company. With local listings, you can reach a wider audience and ensure that your business is on the map (literally). And given that customers are only seeing correct information online 30% of the time, it’s worth the investment.

Are Business Listings Important for SEO?

Business listings are very important for SEO as they provide credibility signals, an important ranking factor for Google. In addition, they provide details about your brand to potential customers searching in your area.

Where Should I Post My Business for Free?

While many platforms like Yelp and YellowPages let you post for free, using a service like Incfile Business Listing can help streamline processes and get you listed everywhere — easily and accurately.

Can I Use Business Listings for My Online-Only Business?

If you have an online-only business, you won’t be able to list your business on every listing directory. While some platforms will require you to have a brick-and-mortar location, if you travel to meet your clients or have an online website as well as a storefront, you’ll be able to list your site online on most platforms easily.

Help Your Customers Find You

Your customers are actively searching and ready to buy, but are you making it easy for them to find you? Get your name listed on over 40 different websites and apps now with Incfile.