Top 10 Stunning Small Business Website Examples to Inspire Your Own


Top 10 Stunning Small Business Website Examples to Inspire Your Own

Websites are a more crucial component of running a small business than ever before. Whether or not your website is polished and user-friendly can mean the difference between gaining a customer and handing one to your competitors.

Although creating a beautiful website can seem like a daunting task, it's anything but — with the right inspiration and a little creativity, your business can have its own stellar website that customers will love. Here are 10 standout small business website examples you get your creative juices flowing.

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1. Ginger and Baker

Coffee shops everywhere could stand to learn a thing or two from the website of Fort Collins-based cafe, market and bakery complex Ginger and Baker. Right off the bat, visitors are greeted by an inviting photo of the business's appealing and distinctive storefront:

Scroll down and you'll see options to view various menus, each accompanied by an appetizing photo that provides a sneak peek of what's inside. This serves to not only add visual interest but also give customers an idea of the kind of offerings they can expect.

Another exceptional element of the site's homepage is an interactive and up-to-date calendar that makes it easy for visitors to see what's planned for the coming weeks and months. If your business regularly hosts events, you'd be wise to follow suit.

2. Voriagh

French clothing brand Voriagh creates clothing based on ancient traditions and presents them in a fresh and modern way. This is evident from the first glance at their site's homepage — with its black-and-white color scheme and striking, minimalist photographs, visitors' expectations are instantly set:

voriagh website

Upon scrolling down, this theme is continued, with most of the page's real estate being taken up by photos rather than text. At the footer, only the most essential information is displayed, including the shop's address and links to its "about," "contact" and "wholesale" pages.

3. Brownstein

The Philadelphia-based advertising agency Brownstein proves that it's not only B2C businesses that get to have all the fun — B2B companies can make a splash with their websites, too. On visiting the website, you'll instantly be treated to a colorful video showcasing the company's slogan:

brownstein website

That video is part of a carousel showcasing some of the agency's most notable work, which makes it easy for visitors to see what they can expect if they become a client.

Further down on the page, a section devoted to other examples of the company's work establishes visitors' expectations further, while another section displaying recent blog posts and press releases demonstrates Brownstein's expertise and shows off its accolades.

4. The Wild Pine

Artisan jewelry company The Wild Pine is a New England-based business with an earthy, handcrafted aesthetic, and its website captures that perfectly. Right from the get-go, a scrolling carousel of large photos shows visitors the kinds of pieces that customers can buy:

wild pine website

The lower portions of the page do an excellent job of further illustrating the brand's style and products, with several sections highlighting items for sale, positive customer reviews and a gallery of photos.

5. Storehouse Tea

With its focus on handcrafted and ethically produced tea, Cleveland-based Storehouse Tea is a one-of-a-kind small business with a website to match. On loading the homepage, a top-down picture of exotic and colorful loose-leaf teas makes a great first impression:

storehouse tea website

Plus, prominently placed "shop now" buttons make it a snap for visitors to purchase anything they think looks good.

Scroll down and you'll see text explaining the company's vision and ethics, both of which are important selling points of its products. Lower sections give customers the opportunity to explore various categories of tea with one click, as well as highlight the tea's organic and fair trade status.

6. Fabel Knitwear

Evoking a sense of handcrafted care and Old World charm, Norwegian yarn and knitting pattern purveyor Fabel Knitwear is a unique business with unique products. Its website reflects that, with the hero image eliciting feelings of coziness and warmth:

fabel knitwear website

The lower portion of the homepage includes links to visit other main pages, each of which is accompanied by a corresponding photo. There's also a banner showing the various publications the business has been featured in, followed by a collection of Instagram pictures.

7. Green Village Soap Co.

The website of Vermont-based Green Village Soap Co. is a lot like the brand it belongs to — simple, natural and no-frills:

green village soap company website

And perhaps most importantly, in terms of sales and revenue, its homepage makes it a breeze to shop for the brand's products. From facial mists to sunscreen to bars of soap, all of the business's products can be added to your shopping cart with a single click.

If your small business sells products online, you might want to try a similar design for your homepage.

8. Edelman & Thompson

If you're in the Kansas City area and you're looking for an injury lawyer, you might be convinced to choose the law firm of Edelman & Thompson after visiting their website. Want to know why? See for yourself:

edelman and thompson website

The site's design is clean, crisp and vibrant, and it emphasizes what potential clients are most interested in: the firm's track record and results.

Also notice how the two largest buttons make it easy to quickly get a free case evaluation or view more detailed results, while a live chat option on both sides of the site gives visitors a convenient way to get in touch.

9. Texas Beard Company

Men's personal care products have become increasingly popular in recent years, and Texas Beard Company is helping to ensure that trend continues. Based in (you guessed it) Texas, this small business offers natural beard care and grooming products, and their website makes that abundantly clear:

texas beard company website

The close-up of the brand's products shows visitors exactly what they can purchase on the site, while the background photo helps create a sense of naturalness.

And as with several of the other sites we've featured so far, this one makes it easy to start shopping by allowing visitors to add products to their cart as soon as they start scrolling down.

10. Component Coffee Lab

Last but certainly not least is Component Coffee Lab, a coffee shop based in Visalia, California. With only a few buttons and a minimalist logo, this company's website and aesthetic are clean and easy-going:

component coffee lab website

Scroll down and you won't find a plethora of different sections — just a brief paragraph with a few helpful links. And if you want to contact the company, the process is a breeze — just click the envelope logo and you can type an email right from the browser.

If you want your own business's website to be straightforward, user-friendly and visually appealing, you could stand to take a page out of Component Coffee Lab's book.

In the end, the perfect website for your company won't be the exact same as anyone else's website. But if you're looking for inspiration to get started, the 10 small business website design examples we've explored here are sure to help.

Want to make the process of creating your own website even easier? Try out the free website builder from our partner Wix. With more than 500 customizable templates and plenty of optional advanced features, Wix lets you create a top-notch website that's as simple or as complex as you want.

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