Can an LLC Issue Multiple K-1s?

While you might know what a Schedule K-1 tax form is, you might not know if you can issue multiple K-1 forms if you have an LLC. Here’s how a K-1 tax

I'm Closing My Business - Should I Dissolve the Entity?

When you start a business (be it a limited liability company or some other type), you never want to face the possibility that, perhaps in just a few

What Is a Certificate of Good Standing, and Why Does It Matter?

As a business owner, you may have heard other entrepreneurs discussing something called a Certificate of Good Standing. But maybe you're unsure what this

The Ultimate Guide to Filing Your Annual Report With Incfile

One could argue that there are two kinds of people: creative and technical. Sure, you can have a natural proclivity for both, but it's still likely that

How to Change the Name of Your LLC

No matter how much we research and plan, life is constantly evolving. Changes in trends, advancements in technology, increases in consumer demand or even

Can Incfile Help Your Friend or Relative in Another Country Open an LLC?

Many people from all over the world would like to start their businesses by forming an LLC in the U.S., but the process of creating an LLC can be a bit

Are Non-U.S. Residents Allowed to Own a Corporation or LLC?

The short answer is "it depends". Corporations are required to be owned by citizens or resident aliens. 

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