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How to File an Annual Report for Your NJ LLC

Businesses in nearly every U.S. state must file an annual report, and New Jersey is no exception.


IRS Form 5472: Does Your Business Need to File?

Is your U.S.-based business owned by a non-U.S. citizen? Then you need to know about IRS Form 5472. Does your non-U.S. company do business in the U.S.? Then you, too, need to learn more about Form...


Everything You Need to Know About a Certificate of Authority

Your business is growing. Opportunity is calling and it’s now time to expand your company’s presence and operations beyond your “home” state where you initially registered your business.


8 Tax Filing Tips for Small Businesses

It’s almost tax time! For most small business owners, this time is all about finding ways to save money and maximize deductions. It can all be a bit overwhelming, even if you’re savvy with numbers.


Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions and Credits That Should Be on Your Radar

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Are Nonprofits Required to Submit an Annual Report? (Plus How to Write Yours)

You want your business to change the world, but in your pursuit, you haven't yet considered what paperwork you're required to file with the government. Many businesses must file annual reports or...


How to Prepare an Annual Report for Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Annual report preparation can be a challenge. You must cover all necessary information, and it's important to make sure your report is clear, concise, and visually appealing. You'll need to choose a...


Do Business in Other States After You're Foreign Qualified

So you’re ready to do business in another state. Often confused with conducting business outside of the U.S., foreign qualification refers to doing business in another state — outside of the one...


Delaware Annual Report: 2023 Due Date, Tax Info, and More

Corporations and nonprofits registered in Delaware must file their annual report online with the Delaware Secretary of State by March 1, 2023. Failure to meet this deadline can result in late fees...