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Selling on Amazon: Amazon Seller Mistakes to Avoid

Ecommerce businesses are booming. Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, had 2019 net revenue of $280.52 billion, with over 50 percent of all sales on Amazon marketplaces coming from...


Incorporating a Home Business

There are countless reasons why you might be thinking about starting a home business, including the freedom to be your own boss, following a dream that you’ve had for years or needing the convenience...


How to Become a Professional Organizer (the Next Marie Kondo)

Are you the type of person who loves to organize things and put everything in its place? If so, let's take a look at how to become a professional organizer so you can take your skills and apply them...


Starting a Small Business in California Is Easiest with Incfile

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More Older Americans Are Starting Their Own Business

Traditionally, we tend to think of aspiring entrepreneurs as young professionals with decades of potential ahead of them and energy to spare. However, judging by current trends, perhaps it’s time for...


What Happens If You Start a Business and Don't Form a Legal Entity?

It’s quite common when people are looking to start their own business to wonder if you need to form an entity. The short answer is no, but the legal answer is yes. Have I lost you? There’s some gray...


Kickstart Your Java Biz: Opening a Coffee Shop

Are you considering opening a coffee shop? That sounds like a great idea! Especially considering coffee is the number one most-consumed morning beverage for Americans. Think about it, drive past a...


How to Find/Choose a Manufacturer for Your Product-based Business

Are you thinking about starting a product-based business? Before you can successfully operate and legalize this business, you’ll need to have a product to sell. In order to have a product to sell,...