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#INCspiration — Women's History Month: Incfile Women Founders

Every March, people across the U.S. celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day by learning about the women who have shaped America and diving into the history of women's rights.


Small Business Not for You? Here's How to Create a Micro Business Plan

Get the guide: How to Start a Micro Business

Do good things really come in small packages? If micro businesses are anything to judge by, then the answer is "no — they come in tiny ones." With a micro...


How Can I Add a Nonprofit Brand to My Existing Business?

In many people's minds, businesses and nonprofits are entirely separate things: One exists solely to make money, one exists solely for charity and never the twain shall meet.


Black Founders Share Their Tips on Starting a Business

Starting a business is never a simple task. Each entrepreneur has their own unique path they walk and lessons learned along the way, especially so for Black-owned businesses. This Black History...


What Do Small Businesses Often Lack to Be Successful?

It’s one thing to start a business and another to run it successfully. As a business owner, you might be thinking, “Yes, things are going well, but how do I improve the success of my business?” Or,...


Your Side Hustle Guide: Amazon vs. Etsy

If you’re not getting paid enough at your day job, if you’re not getting enough hours at work, or if you’d just like to earn a little extra income on the side, you might want to join the ranks of...


15 Handmade Business Ideas You Can Start Making Money Today

As Ernest Hemingway once said, "We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master." If you love all things crafting and DIY, then you know exactly what he was talking about....


Starting a Business in Atlanta, GA: What Makes This City Perfect for Entrepreneurs

Atlanta might be on your radar as Georgia's capital of cultural offerings, but it's an incredibly underrated city for budding entrepreneurs. With a helpful and willing community of investment firms,...


#INCspiration — The Raw Botanics Co.: Natural Ingredients for Better Health

Sometimes life's toughest challenges can lead to its greatest successes, and that was certainly the case for our latest #INCspiration spotlight: The Raw Botanics Co. founders Les Kollegian and...


Side Hustle for Beginners. Where Do You Actually Begin?

Dream of being your own boss while keeping the security of your day job? Does starting a side gig also represent a lifelong career-changing opportunity — aka “a calling”? Or, are bills, bills, bills...