8 Words to Avoid When Naming Your LLC

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of starting your business is choosing a name for your company. Picking the right name is crucial because

Climate Index Analysis: Best and Worst States for Small Business Taxes

Not only do taxes affect your business's bottom line, but they can play a role in the economic and employment growth of an area. Gauging the best and

4 Myths About Entrepreneurship

As an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner, you've probably heard some “horror stories” from veteran entrepreneurs that may have caused you to

The Rise of the Serial Entrepreneur

If entrepreneurship is in your blood, if you’re always looking for your next opportunity, if you can never be satisfied working for someone else…you

How to Incorporate and Operate a Multi-State Food Truck Business

Before you get any limited liability company off the ground, you’ll have to complete a number of steps along the way. But, while much of this process is

Can I Use the GI Bill to Start a Business?

In the early days of starting your limited liability company (LLC), you’re liable to search high and low for potential resources you can use to make your

Lessons We Can Learn from These 8 Startup Statistics in 2019

Analyzing and learning from startup statistics can put you on the right track to having a successful business. Evaluating topics like what kinds of

Would You Start Your Business in Tulsa for $10,000?

Have you ever considered moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma to start a business? Are you a freelancer or solopreneur who can work from anywhere? Even if you’ve

What the Best Brand Names All Have in Common

Look around you. Notice what you’re wearing, what beverages you’re consuming or what device you’re currently reading this blog on. From Nike and

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