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SBA: Capital infusion will help small businesses

The U.S. Small Business Administration is putting an emphasis on making capital accessible to small businesses and entrepreneurs forming an LLC in order to stimulate economic recovery. Karen Mills, head of the

Small businesses feel little threat of cyber crime

Small business owners do not allocate much time or financies into protecting their servers or networks, according to a November study by Visa and the National Cyber Security Alliance. The

Preparing for negotiations

Entrepreneurs forming a company will have to negotiate a variety of deals and agreements with venture capitalists, suppliers and more. Gary Kaplan, an attorney, offers several tips to business owners in

How to build a strong foundation for a startup

As entrepreneurs draw up business plans as they prepare to start a corporation, there are some key ideologies that are crucial to the success of a startup. Scott Heiferman, the

Building consumer confidence in ‘green’ products

For entrepreneurs interested in filing an LLC for a company that sells environmentally friendly products, it is important to market the company in such a way that consumers will have confidence in

Veterans required to submit further verification to qualify for business contracts

As the nation’s soldiers return from war and begin to set up shop, they will now be required to provide documentation to be awarded the contracts and funds critical to forming

Small business owners see promising future

While the economy slowly recovers, a new survey has found that small business owners feel better times are on the way. In U.S. Bank’s 2010 Small Business Annual Survey, most

Buy-sell agreements vital for co-owned businesses

When getting ready to start a corporation, it is important for entrepreneurs to have a plan for what to do when it is time to exit the business. Charlie Spence,

Mistakes that could be detrimental to a startup

As entrepreneurs prepare to form an LLC startup, it is important to avoid mistakes that could jeopardize the longevity of the company. In Forbes magazine, Shaun Rein, founder of the China Market

The 7 Stages of Small Business Success

If you ask 10 people ‘what is a small business’, you’ll get 10 different answers. To answer this, here is a framework to explain the common Stages of Small Business