Key Factors That Help LLCs Thrive in a Digital World

Starting an LLC can feel somewhat intimidating, as there never seems to be enough time, money or energy to do everything you want. And in today's digital

Should I Incorporate in Delaware or Illinois?

When it comes to forming your new business, the state you choose to incorporate in is vitally important. Perhaps you live in Illinois, but you’ve heard

​Limited Liability Company (LLC) vs. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

When you start a business, you don’t have to go it alone. Starting a business with partners can be a good strategy to help you maximize your strengths,

LLC vs. Nonprofit: Your Guide to Making the Right Decision in 2021

You might think that operating as either a limited liability company (LLC) or a nonprofit is simply a choice of whether you want to make money or not,

Need to Understand Foreign vs. Domestic LLCs? We Have You Covered.

When you are looking to form and protect your small business and assets, one of your first moves is to start a limited liability company (LLC). The next

Forming an LLC in Delaware vs. California: Does a Delaware LLC Have to Pay California Taxes?

Delaware has long been known as an advantageous place to start a business. But if you live in California, is it really worth it to form your LLC in

What’s the Best Structure for Your Business?

Strong buildings, whether they're a modest family home or a towering skyscraper, have one key element in common: they are built on a solid foundation. By

How LLCs Can Work with Retailers

If you’re an entrepreneur with hopes of getting your product in stores, there are a few key strategies to keep in mind. Selling your products to

​Understanding When to Use LLC for Your Business

Deciding on your business name can be quite an undertaking. You want your business name to be unique, align with your business mission, establish trust

PLLC vs. LLC: What You Need to Know

Making tough decisions is an everyday occurrence as a small business owner or entrepreneur. You are required to make decisions on everything from the

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