Category: Legislation

Entrepreneurs forming a company in Maryland may not have to face combined reporting

The Maryland Business Tax Reform Commission recently voted against a proposed method of taxing corporate profits. Combined reporting, a system that aims to stop businesses from filtering Maryland revenue to corporations in states with lower tax rates, has been highlighted by some as a way to increase state revenue. But, the Tax Reform Commission voted […]

Entrepreneurs filing an LLC in Arizona could benefit from corporate tax cuts

Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a corporation might be able to benefit from the lower business taxes that Republican legislative leaders are lobbying for in Arizona. The Arizona Tax Research Association recently held a forum for business leaders and lobbyists where state Senate majority whip Steve Pierce called for a decrease in business property […]

Detailed Government Taxes and Spending Chart

Do you wonder where our government spends money and how large each government branch is? This infographic of the 2015 United States federal budget shows a detailed breakdown of how much taxes collected and where this revenue is spent each year. This is a visual guide showing you exactly where your taxes go and which […]