Category: Incfile Updates

Phishing Scam Claiming to Offer Money for Victims

The California Secretary of State’s office has learned that official-looking emails are being sent to Californians promising them fraud compensation awards from the state government. These emails may be a phishing scam sent by sophisticated identity thieves trying to obtain personal information to access your financial accounts, obtain credit cards in your name, or commit […]

Kansas Secretary Of State Issues Fraud Alert

The Kansas Secretary of State’s Office has identified a criminal scam that can potentially impact your business and Kansas Citizens. The perpetrators of this scam are filing reinstatements of forfeited business entities and revocations of business entity dissolutions with our office in order to assume the identity of credible businesses. After reinstating these business entities the perpetrators direct […]

Texas Scam: “Division of Corporate Services” Solicitation

Recently, an entity calling itself “Division of Corporate Services” with an address in Austin, Texas, mailed solicitations entitled “Annual Records Statement” to numerous Texas business entities. This solicitation might suggest that a Texas business entity is required to complete the statement and return it with a fee of $150. Although the solicitation contains a disclaimer […]

Illinois Secretary of State Warns Businesses To Beware of Corporate Scam

vIllinois Secretary of State Jesse White and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan are warning businesses to beware of a scam targeting Illinois corporations. A firm called Illinois Council for Corporations is contacting Illinois businesses in an attempt to collect a $125 fee to fill out a corporation’s “Annual Minutes Records Form.” The Illinois Business Corporation […]

More small business owners vie for Congress seats

It seems that those involved in small businesses across the country aren’t content with juststarting an LLC or forming a company. Some are looking to also start a career in government. The National Federation of Independent Business interviewed more than 200 candidates and found that the next Congress and state legislatures could have more small business owners […]