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Incfile Small Business Entrepreneur Grant Winners — Fall 2022

Incfile is excited to announce the next round of entrepreneurial grant winners. We’re looking for the business leaders of tomorrow, and our Entrepreneur Grant Program gives entrepreneurs a chance to...


Why Incfile Rises Above Market Alternatives: Incfile vs. ZenBusiness

We don't blame you for wanting to find a Zen moment. In the midst of the business formation process, with all the hassle, headaches and paperwork, you deserve a breather. When you hand off your...


What Incfile Add-ons Are Necessary for My Solopreneur Business?

As a solopreneur, you don't need to worry about the same set of issues that traditional entrepreneurs do. You don't have a partner, you don't have W-2 employees and you don't have a team to whom you...


From the Founders: How Incfile Is Helping Small Businesses Launch and Thrive in the Current Economy

Like most businesses, Incfile has not been immune to COVID-19, nor the subsequent economic downturn it brought along. However, as unemployment rates continue to rise and confidence in the U.S....


Fictitious Business Name Renewal Companies Could Be a Scam

Entrepreneurs forming an LLC and using a fictitious business name should watch out for disreputable companies offering to renew a business name filing for excessive fees.


Incfile Small Business Entrepreneur Grant Winners — Summer 2022

Incfile is delighted to announce the second round of grant winners for our Entrepreneur Grant and Scholarship Program. We want to help support the next generation of visionaries and employers with...


Meet the Brains Behind Incfile: Nick Siha and Dustin Ray

Incfile is where entrepreneurs go to power their bright business ideas, but who flipped the switch to power up Incfile? You’re about to find out. Learn more about how Nick Siha and Dustin Ray got to...


Incfile Small Business Entrepreneur Grant Winners — Spring 2022

Incfile is excited to announce the grant winners for the first round of our inaugural Entrepreneur Grant and Scholarship Program! Starting a business is hard work, especially so when it comes to...


More Small Business Owners Vie for Congress Seats

It seems that those involved in small businesses across the country aren't content with just starting an LLC or forming a company. Some are looking to also start a career in government.


Credit Unions Could Offer More Small Business Loans If Congress Approves

To help entrepreneurs gain access to capital to start an LLC, the CEO of the nation’s credit union association is calling on the U.S. Congress to allow credit unions to do more small business lending.