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How Can Incfile Support Me as My Business Grows in 2021?

Incfile is more than just a resource for filing your LLC; we are fully invested in you & your business. Here are a few of the ways we can help you grow over the years.

What Is a Consulting Contract? How You Can Use Incfile’s Legal Contracts and Save Money

Learn how Incfile’s legal document library can help you save money in your consulting business. Get access to contracts, agreements and other documents.

Can Incfile File My Taxes for Me? All About Our Business Tax Service

Learn about Incfile’s tax filing service, designed to help entrepreneurs get the right information, report, file and pay their business taxes on time.

How to Use the Incfile Corporate Kit

Learn about the Incfile Corporate Kit, including what’s included, why it’s important, how to use the contents and how to order one.

Get Your Business Started Now with Our New Free LLC

It shouldn’t be costly (or confusing) to officially form your business. We’re offering $0 business formation — corporations, LLCs and nonprofits — all in one place.

Introducing the New Incfile Business Dashboard

To succeed, you need great business tools. That is where our new Incfile Business Dashboard comes in, with tons of tools streamlined to meet all your business startup needs.

Everything You Get with Incfile’s Silver Package

Incfile makes it easy and quick for you to form and manage your business — and you’ll always have someone ready to help.

What Do You Get With Incfile’s Free One-Hour Business Tax Consultation?

When you sign up for any of Incfile’s packages to start your business, one of the added perks is a free one-hour tax consultation.