Poll Results: Favorite Remote Workplace

Your couch can be a tempting (and super comfortable) place to work from on a daily basis as a digital nomad, but it also can be a big distraction and

Everything You Get with Incfile's Platinum Package

If you are serious about forming and growing your business, then you need serious help — that starts with forming your business entity correctly and

Everything You Get With Incfile’s Gold Package

When starting a new business, it might seem like there are a million things to do — from setting up a website, to getting a business bank account, to the

Changing or Canceling Your Incfile Order

When you own a startup, there's no doubt that changes are going to happen as your business matures. Avon was founded by a door-to-door salesman who

Get 25 Lawyer-Approved Legal Documents with Incfile's Contract Library Add-On

You're an entrepreneur and business owner (but probably not a lawyer), so it can be both surprising and intimidating when you start digging in to research

What Incfile Package Add-Ons Are Necessary for My Business if I'm a Solopreneur?

"I see that there are some other add-ons to your services. Which are the most popular and necessary? As I mentioned, I'm a small seasonal business and

What is the Cancellation Policy of IncFile?

At Incfile, we're proud of what we do and we're confident in the services we offer. However, we know that things happen, and circumstances can arise that

More Small Business Owners Vie for Congress Seats

It seems that those involved in small businesses across the country aren't content with just starting an LLC or forming a company. Some are looking to

Fictitious Business Name Renewal Companies Could Be a Scam

Entrepreneurs forming an LLC and using a fictitious business name should watch out for disreputable companies offering to renew a business name filing for

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