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Can Incfile File My Taxes for Me? All About Our Business Tax Service

Small business owners have an endless to-do list, and one task that keeps cropping up is staying on top of your business taxes. Whether it’s calculating how much you and your business owe, gathering...


Everything You Get With Incfile’s Gold Package

When you're starting a new business, there are a million (or more) considerations you'll need to make. It's a high-stakes, high-stress time, and all you want is to be able to focus on launching and...


Incfile Small Business Entrepreneur Grant Winners — Summer 2022

Incfile is delighted to announce the second round of grant winners for our Entrepreneur Grant and Scholarship Program. We want to help support the next generation of visionaries and employers with...


How to Use the Incfile Business Formation Kit

When you form your business through Incfile, you have the option of getting a Business Formation Kit for your limited liability company or corporation. The Business Formation Kit can be purchased...


Incfile Small Business Entrepreneur Grant Winners — Spring 2022

Incfile is excited to announce the grant winners for the first round of our inaugural Entrepreneur Grant and Scholarship Program! Starting a business is hard work, especially so when it comes to...


Incfile Small Business Entrepreneur Grant Winners — Fall 2022

Incfile is excited to announce the next round of entrepreneurial grant winners. We’re looking for the business leaders of tomorrow, and our Entrepreneur Grant Program gives entrepreneurs a chance to...


21 Side Hustle Statistics to Read Before Working on Your Big Idea

Quiet quitting, Zoom fatigue, burnout…whatever you want to call it, there are a lot of reasons to turn to a side gig to feel fulfilled. So many reasons, in fact, that the majority of Americans have...


Why Incfile Rises Above Market Alternatives: Incfile vs. ZenBusiness

We don't blame you for wanting to find a Zen moment. In the midst of the business formation process, with all the hassle, headaches and paperwork, you deserve a breather. When you hand off your...


Meet the Brains Behind Incfile: Nick Siha and Dustin Ray

Incfile is where entrepreneurs go to power their bright business ideas, but who flipped the switch to power up Incfile? You’re about to find out. Learn more about how Nick Siha and Dustin Ray got to...


Everything You Get with Incfile's Platinum Package

If you are serious about forming and growing your business, then you need serious help — that starts with forming your business entity correctly and quickly. Incfile can help!