Should You Outsource Payroll as a Solopreneur or Freelancer? Top 3 Options to Consider.

When you think of a solopreneur, the word “solo” is the most important part. Becoming a solopreneur or a freelancer means that you are running a business

The New Normal: Remote Employee Hiring & Management Resources in a Post-COVID Landscape

The coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed our business and work scenario. This uncertainty has forced the economy to undergo massive change and

How to Kill the Hustle and Create a Healthy Work Culture

Being a business owner comes with a lot of responsibilities, and being a business owner who employs a team brings even more. Managing payroll,

Growing Your Real Estate Business: Follow Our Steps to Hiring & Marketing for Real Estate Companies

You’ve already launched your real estate business, and if you’re like most, you may have learned that it’s often a slow start. Real estate can be a

Is Hiring Your Children a Smart Tax Strategy for Your Business?

Hiring your children to work for you and help grow your business can be a unique experience. Not only do you get to spend more quality time with your

7 Ways to Make Self-Care a Priority in Overwhelming Times

With phrases like “self-quarantine” and “shelter in place” now a part of our daily lexicon, it’s obvious that we are living in an unprecedented time in

Top Digital Tools to Invest in for Effective Remote Employee Management

The coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis has resulted in millions of employees suddenly being transitioned from office environments to working from home. Many

Can S Corporations Offer Health Insurance to Employees?

Under the Affordable Care Act, businesses and nonprofit organizations with more than 50 employees are required to offer health insurance, or they have to

Is It Best to Find a CEO or Be the CEO of Your Company?

When starting and owning a small business such as an LLC, you have much to think about from an organizational standpoint. Are you planning on being a

Can an LLC Hire Independent Contractors?

When it comes to growing your LLC, it doesn’t always make sense to do it alone and carry the weight of the entire business on your shoulders. So, what

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