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Common Legal Contracts: Your Small Business Needs

Having legal contracts in place for your small business will not only provide proper legal protection but help you develop and manage better relationships with your employees and third parties you...


Important Leadership Skills for Business Owners

Whether you own a small LLC doing $100,000 per year or an Inc. 500 company doing billions in revenue, as a business owner you should always be focused on your leadership skills. Any business is...


What States Allow Electronic Business Signatures?

As the world becomes more and more digitized, conducting business is advancing with technology too. One of the relatively small but important aspects of business that has become digital in recent...


Where Can I Find a Notary Public, and Why Might I Need One?

At some point in their lives, most people encounter an important piece of paperwork that they need to have "notarized." If you've never visited a notary public before, you might be wondering what...


Hiring at LLCs and Small Businesses — The Dos and Don'ts

If you have recently started a business or formed an LLC, the odds are good that you’re looking to hire. This is an exciting time to expand your company and get much-needed help, but it can also be...


Should You Hire a Salesperson for Your Business?

Many small business owners wonder about when or if to hire a salesperson. If you have your own LLC, you might be a solopreneur who's overwhelmed by how much responsibility is currently on your...


Becoming a Strategic Leader

For a business owner or entrepreneur to become a strategic leader, there are many facets they need to consider first. The strategies listed below can be used across all business structures — from an 


How Do I Determine If a Person Constitutes an Employee vs. a Contractor?

It is extremely important to understand the difference between an employee vs. a contractor. The IRS takes this distinction very seriously, and there can be legal ramifications if you don’t follow...


Growing Beyond a Solopreneur: Hiring a Strong Team

As your business grows, one of the hardest decisions you’ll need to make is hiring help. Bringing on the right staff to help you build your business becomes necessary when you’re losing business...