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How to Support Small Businesses for Made in the USA Day

There are many ways to be patriotic during the month of July, but Made in the USA Day is the only one that's all about supporting local businesses and the community. The annual celebration aims to...


The Best Summer Conferences and Events for Entrepreneurs

If you’re looking for some inspiration and motivation this summer, we’ve rounded up the must-visit events for entrepreneurs looking to learn and grow their business. 


Back to the Bricks: How to Scout a Perfect Location for Your Small Retail Store

For many small business owners getting into retail, the natural choice for the last 10 years or so has been to open an online, digital ecommerce store.


The Best Funding Platforms for Startups

If you’re trying to get your own business idea off the ground, how to get funding for your startup is often one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face. Attracting investment and resources can require a...


How to Start a Clothing Business from Home in 8 Steps

Wondering how to start a clothing business online? It's not as complicated as you might think — in fact, you can have your own small clothing business by following just eight steps.


How Much Does It Actually Cost to Start a Small Retail Store?

Always dreamt of having your own book cafe or a running accessories store? Or perhaps your entrepreneurship plans revolve around having your own fashion boutique?


How to Create a Business Plan

So you’ve got a brilliant business idea. Great! You’ve shared your idea with friends or colleagues and maybe even some potential investors. Their feedback is encouraging and you’re feeling motivated....


Incfile Exclusive: Your All-in-One Business Resources & Tools Library

Want to start a business but don’t know where to…well, start? You’ve come to the right place. At Incfile, we’ve helped over half a million small businesses spark ideas and ignite their...


Applying for Funding for Your Business? Here's Why Incfile's Fresh Start Grant Is What You Need

One of the key ingredients in starting a business and getting it off the ground is funding. But for many cash-strapped entrepreneurs who want to start a business, the concern is real: How do I get...


Starting a Business in Atlanta, GA: What Makes This City Perfect for Entrepreneurs

Atlanta might be on your radar as Georgia's capital of cultural offerings, but it's an incredibly underrated city for budding entrepreneurs. With a helpful and willing community of investment firms,...

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