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Should I Start an LLC for My Side Hustle?

While you can operate your side hustle as a sole proprietorship without turning it into a legal business entity, getting an LLC for your side business can provide added protection and credibility.


Do I Need a Business License in California? (Plus Other Important FAQs)

A business license is a legal document allowing you to operate your business within a specific area, such as California. The requirements can vary between states and municipalities — some places may...


LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship: Which One Is Right for Your Small Business?

If you're like other new business owners, you might be wondering — should you form an LLC or sole proprietorship?


Home Business Licenses + Permits: What to Know

If you plan on joining the ranks of home-based business entrepreneurs, it’s important to do it right. For your business to operate legally, you’ll need to have all the necessary licenses and...


S Corporation vs. C Corporation: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Should you file as an S Corporation or a C Corporation? Choosing the right business entity comes with significant legal and financial implications.


Can You Be Your Own Registered Agent for an LLC?

If you're willing to accept the risks involved, you can be your own Registered Agent for your LLC if you meet the following requirements: 


What the Metaverse Means for Small Businesses

"Metaverse" may seem like the latest buzzword and online trend. Ever since Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced a massive investment in metaverse technology last year, everyone suddenly...


Incorporating in Nevada: How to, Benefits, and Why Choose Nevada

No corporate income tax. No franchise tax. No tax on corporate shares. There’s a reason why more than 313,000 small business owners have chosen to incorporate in Nevada. These savvy entrepreneurs...


What Is a Domestic LLC? How to Choose the Right State to Incorporate

A domestic LLC is any LLC that operates solely in the same state in which it was formed. What does "domestic" mean in an LLC? It means just that — a business that is operated in the "home" state of...


Startup Taxes and Costs: What to Expect

Getting a startup off the ground can be a thrilling experience, but it can also leave you with a slew of questions about expenses, taxes, and how you can stay compliant (and get the most bang for...