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Do Businesses Get Tax Refunds? (Plus How to Spend Yours)

Do businesses get tax refunds? The short answer is yes, but the process of getting a refund is dependent on a number of factors, including the type of business entity, the amount of taxes paid, and...


How to Get an EIN in Texas for Your Small Business

An EIN is a nine-digit federal Employer Identification Number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in order to identify your business for tax purposes. It's most often required if you're...


Member-Managed LLC vs. Manager-Managed LLC

If you’re interested in forming an LLC, it’s important to recognize another important choice you’ll need to make along the way — your LLCs management structure.


4 Benefits of a Business Bank Account For Your Small Business

Too many fiscal responsibilities? Worried about cash flow? If that sounds like you, you're certainly not alone. But opening a business bank account is one simple, headache-free way to combat these...


Getting a Virtual Address for Your Texas LLC

As a work-from-home business, are you struggling to build credibility with customers and suppliers in Texas? Do you need to keep your personal address off official company paperwork for privacy...

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When to File Articles of Incorporation (Plus Benefits of Filing Early)

You must file Articles of Incorporation right away if you're ready to incorporate your business. Filing your documents early allow you to sell stocks, hire more employees, expand your business to...


Can I Use a Virtual Address for My LLC?

Virtual addresses can be used for LLCs, as they are real street addresses that are used for mailing purposes.


Do I Need an EIN for my LLC? (Plus Other Important FAQs)

You've done all the legwork to form your business, but you're still left wondering, “Do I need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for my LLC?” The short answer is that you might. An EIN is a...


Does Oklahoma Require an Operating Agreement for an LLC? (Plus How to Get One)

Although Oklahoma state law does not require Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) to have an operating agreement, it’s highly recommended that you have one in place to set the rules and guidelines for...


Articles of Organization vs. Operating Agreement: Which One Do You Need?

Ready to launch your new business but not sure if you need Articles of Organization or an operating agreement (or maybe even both)? If you're planning to form an LLC, Articles of Organization are...