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Entrepreneurs Take Note: Business Tax Trends for 2017

So you’ve most likely just wrapped up filing your 2016 taxes for your small business. And before you take a breather from business tax, you’ll want to take note of

Don’t Miss Filing a Schedule C Form This Tax Season

One of the most important elements of filing your small business taxes should be easy to remember — filing a Schedule C form.

2017 Tax Breaks for Small Businesses: Two Major Tax Reform Plans from Washington

President Donald Trump has promised to create tax breaks for small businesses. This article outlines two of the major proposals lawmakers are considering.

Tax cuts offer benefits for small business owners

As entrepreneurs looking to start a corporation prepare for the new year, it would benefit them to take a step back and review new tax regulations that could change their

Small business owners share financing tips for startups

As business owners get into the swing of 2010 finances, it may be worthwhile to consider theDiscover Small Business Watch‘s top financing tips for the new decade. The tips are

Best and Worst States for Business Taxes

Wondering what the best (and worst) state is for business taxes for entrepreneurs? And which is the best state for an LLC in the first place? Find out here!

Proposed tax unlikely to have negative impact on business incorporation

As entrepreneurs celebrate the recently passed Small Business and Infrastructure Jobs Tax Act, which increases tax credits for startups, they also wait to see the impact of a new measure