How to Be Your Own Registered Agent in Florida

One of the aspects of forming an LLC in Florida or any other state is deciding who will serve as the company’s Registered Agent. You might be wondering,

Something to Consider When Starting Your Biz: Do You Need a Virtual Business Address?

Do you have an LLC that sells products or services in various states? If so, you probably get a ton of mail for your business and might have potential

How Do I Start a Clothing Business?

Starting your own clothing business is an exciting venture and a big commitment. Whether you’ve decided to sell your clothes online or in a retail shop,

How to Change Your Registered Agent with Incfile

A Registered Agent plays a very important role in your LLC. However, sometimes you may need to change your Registered Agent, or you might wonder whether a

Washington State & City of Seattle Business Licenses

The first Starbucks was started by two teachers and a writer in 1971 at Pike Place Market, located in Seattle, Washington. Any city that starts a coffee

Operating Agreements and Your LLC

Starting a business without having a great LLC Operating Agreement is like trying to get to Disneyland without using GPS or map. 

Common Federal & State Licenses and Permits Your Business Might Need

Let's face it: there's a lot of paperwork to file when it comes to starting your new business. It's not only crucial that you fill out the forms

What are Articles of Incorporation, and Do I Need Them?

One of the key elements of starting a business as a legal corporate entity is filing Articles of Incorporation (when starting a Corporation), also known

When & Why Would You Use Incfile's Business License Research Package Service?

Starting a business is sometimes as simple as forming an LLC, but some types of businesses require more than just a corporate entity: they require a

Steps to Take Before & After You Get a Washington State Business License

If you're considering getting a Washington state business license, it's probably because you either (a) are about to move there with your current

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