Can't Outsource? Here's How to Effectively DIY SEO, Blogging and Social Media Marketing for Your Business.

If you're operating a lean small business, many tasks fall to you as the owner. One of those tasks will be to DIY your SEO, blogging and social media. We

How to Do Bookkeeping Right for Your Ecommerce Business on Your Own

You have set up your online store, hurray! It takes a lot of perseverance to reach this stage. Running an ecommerce business involves an ever-growing

How to Convert Your S Corporation into a C Corporation on Your Own

Business trends have shifted drastically over the last four decades. In the 80s, nearly all business profit was generated by C Corporations. Today, that

How to Turn Your Podcast into a Business and Why You Should Do It

You’ve got a voice and a lot to say. Now you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is. If you’ve started a podcast for fun, or are considering

How Can I Make My LLC a Parent LLC on My Own?

Becoming a parent brings a lot of joy…and a lot of uncertainty. The same can be often be said for owners of parent LLCs. A parent LLC operates as an

Can I Use My Virtual Office Address as My Legal Business Address?

A virtual business address can be an extremely helpful service for small business owners. Virtual address services give you a presence in states, cities

How to Obtain Multiple EINs on Your Own: A Step-by-Step Guide for DIYers

Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) are used by the IRS and other state and federal agencies to track tax filings, payments and various other aspects

How to Start a Coffee Shop Franchise LLC on Your Own

A coffee shop is a great business to open if you want to be your own boss, stay in touch with your community and feel close to 63 percent of Americans

How to File S Corp Self-Employment Taxes on Your Own

There’s a big advantage to filing taxes as an S Corporation — you can significantly reduce your self-employment tax by paying yourself a “reasonable”

Can You Convert Your LLC into a Series LLC on Your Own?

Sometimes business owners discover that their choice of business structure needs to change. Even if you decided to form an LLC in the early days of your

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