How to File a Fictitious Business Name in California & Its Major Cities

Having a fictitious business name isn't necessarily a requirement to do business, but whether you run a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or some other

What Is a Fictitious Business Name vs. a DBA vs. an Assumed Business Name?

What’s in a name? If you’re starting a new business, it turns out the answer is “a lot.” Whenever you start a company, you always face the critical

Understanding DBAs for Nonprofits

Whatever your industry, you’re certain to encounter a ton of challenges even before you get your new company off the ground. After all, the decisions you

Can Corporations Have More Than One DBA?

Have you filed your LLC under one name, but now wish you had chosen a different one? Have you realized you need to market your S Corporation's goods

​Watch Out for DBA Renewal Companies — They Could Be a Scam

Unfortunately, scammers are targeting all sorts of people these days, and business owners are no exception. One area of particular vulnerability we've

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