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S corporations offer multiple advantages to entrepreneurs

Forming an S corporation offers a number of advantages for independent salespeople, real estate agents and others, according to certified public accountant and Christian Post blogger John Dillard. The first advantage to S corporations, according to Dillard, is that business incorporation gives the company instant legitimacy. He says if a business is not incorporated, many state or […]

Why an S Corporation might secure success for your small business

For entrepreneurs ready to start a corporation, navigating different benefits of different business types can be tricky. Luckily, the Wall Street Journal recently discussed why some businesspeople find S corporations are best. S corporations provide liability protection while still allowing business profits to pass through the shareholders’ personal tax returns. This means businesspeople are protected from the […]

S Corporations could give businesses a competitive edge in trying times

A recently released survey from Georgetown indicates that S corporations owned by employees through employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) might be the most resilient companies in recessions. The study reviewed the performance of S corporations in 2008 and found that these entities provide considerable benefits to workers and business owners. The results demonstrate that S corporation ESOP […]