Looking to Protect Your Business? Here's What Can and Cannot Be Trademarked.

There comes a point in every entrepreneur's journey when they start thinking about trademarks. Maybe it happens when they commission their first custom

Should You Trademark Your Home-Based Business? What Happens If You Don't?

Has the pandemic forced you to make changes in your career trajectory or small business plans? Whether these changes were voluntary or forced, a number

Do I Have to Contact a Lawyer to Do a Trademark Search?

Whether you’re starting a business and forming an LLC, changing your existing business name or developing a new product with a clever name, knowing how

Costly Trademark Mistakes Business Owners Make and How to Do It Right

When starting your new business, you probably have a big checklist that might look something like this:

Trademark vs. DBA — Can You Have One Without the Other?

You have a lot to consider when putting together your limited liability company. From assembling your team to establishing your mission, there’s a lot to

Can You File a Trademark on Your Own?

Would you like to use a special “brand name” for your business or product to be legally protected from competitors? If so, you should learn more about

How to Find Out If a Business Name Is Already Registered

We’ve said before that finding the right name for your business is often one of the most challenging and important aspects of owning a company. Now that

When to File a Patent, a Trademark or a Copyright

When you first become a small business owner, likely one of the last things on your mind is knowing the ins and outs of intellectual property law. Yet,

Should You File an Intent-to-use Application With the USPTO?

Early on in the lifecycle of any Limited Liability Company, one key consideration is protecting yourself and your business from anyone who might attempt

Deter copycats by filing a patent

When forming an LLC, it is important for entrepreneurs to protect their ideas from copycats. From well-known startups such as the Snuggie and the Slanket,

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