My Insurance Company Closed During Lockdown: How Do I Claim Benefits?

Having your insurance company closed down is not a situation that most people ever want to deal with, but it does happen. Sometimes insurance company

Tips for Creating Bulletproof Business Contracts

Business contracts are important for your small business because they protect you and your business partners, suppliers, buyers, or clients. A good

What Changes You Need to Make in Legal Contracts While the Economy Lifts

COVID-19 upended the world economy and caused massive disruptions to the everyday operations of businesses, including the enforcement of legal contracts.

Five Ways to Do Financial Planning Differently in 2021

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, 2020 has proven to be a difficult year filled with wild swings in the stock market, business

Are You Covered to Work from Home? Check Out Incfile's Insurance Guide

Many businesses of all sizes have shifted their operations to remote work and working from home. Recent data from the Global Workplace Analytics Global

PPP Loan Rules Updated with Fast Approaching Final Submission Date: See How These Affect You

As the nation begins to reopen, business owners face continued uncertainty about the future. The U.S. government aimed to clear up some of those unknowns

Is It Too Late to Get a Business Insurance Policy During a Crisis?

The current environment has caused nearly every business owner to reassess their financial risks. Many businesses did not predict, anticipate or insure

What Is a Web Design Contract? How You Can Use Our Web Design Contract and Save Money

The web design industry is flourishing and web developers are in demand. Whether you’re an established website design agency or a skilled individual,

We Have All the Answers You Need About Intellectual Property Protection

Many businesses create intellectual property that needs to be protected from being copied or misused. The world of patents, trademarks and copyright

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